Humidity Dew Point
Table of hygrometric equivalents
Portable Dew Point Hygrometers
Mini Portable 
Engineering units
PC interface
-110 to +20C
(4 ranges)
Dew Point Transmitters
Economy price
Transmitter & Monitor
-80 to + 20 C
The BaleCheck 200 is a professional measuring device for measuring the moisture in bales of pressed hay and straw. It helps you determine, very precisely, the suitability for storage and the quality of hay, straw and grain.
Long Term Recording HygroThermograph
Hygro Thermograph long term recording of temperature humidity 
Gas Collection Transfer Unit (GCTU)
Alpha Moisture Systems has just introduced the GCTU to collect all samples of SF6 sampled for analysis.
  • Fully portable - Powered by rechargeable batteries
  • 20 fill / discharge cycles on internal battery power
  • 10 bar maximum backfill pressure
  • User friendly operation
  • Supplies with connectors and high quality hose
Wireless Data Logger Network

Wireless RH/Temp data loggers

RH Temp Loggers
The ESCORT Mini Loggers were developed for the transport industries, and offer a low cost alternative for solving your temperature monitoring problems. These loggers have internal or external sensor options, a large LCD display and a two Kilobyte memory which is capable of storing 1868 samples.
Escort iLog: Due to its combination of great resolution (0.1ºC) and high accuracy (+/- 0.3ºC), the iLog can detect and record the smallest fluctuations in temperature for the tight monitoring of critical conditions.

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