Sunshine Duration Sensor
Light / Radiation

Sunshine Duration Sensor

Model Number
LPSD18.1 / LPSD18.2 / LPSD18.3


Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

Measures sunshine duration that exceeds the WMO-defined threshold of 120 W/m². It also measures direct solar radiation, meaning it can be used as a low-cost pyrheliometer.


  • LPSD18.1: RS485 MODBUS-RTU output and volt-free contact output
  • LPSD18.2: RS485 MODBUS-RTU output, analog voltage output 0…1 Vdc corresponding to 0-2,000 W/m²
  • LPSD18.3: SDI-12 output and volt-free contact output.

For cold climates, these sensors can be ordered with an integrated heater to prevent the accumulation of ice and snow.

  • Install once, with no position adjustments throughout the year.
  • The angle of installation = the latitude of the install location.
  • Point North or South depending on the hemisphere of the install location.
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Key Specifications

Sensing Elements
16 Silicon photo diodes
Spectral Range
360 to 1100nm
Range - Direct Solar Radiation
0 to 2,000 W/m²
Duration - Response time | Resolution
< 1ms | 1 sec
Supply Voltage | Consumption
7 to 20VDC | 5mA @ 12V
Optional Heating System Power
Anti-condensation: 1W @ 12V | Anti-freezing: 5W @ 12 V (ON at <6C, OFF at > 10C
Internal Temperature Measuring Range | Accuracy
-40°C to +90°C | ± 0.5 °C
Operating Temperature
-40 to 80°C
Accuracy of Sunshine Duration Measurement
Better than 90% of the monthly total
Accuracy of Direct Solar Radiation Measurement
Better than 90% of the monthly total

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

No accessories are currently available for this item.
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