Programmable Data Logger
Multiparameter Data Logger

Programmable Data Logger

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3 weeks

Easily capture and view data from a wide variety of sensor types:

  • 16 Analog inputs: +/- 25, 100, 1000, 25000 mV, 0/4-20mA, 0-1V, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V, 2-10V
  • Type K, J, T, N, R, S, B, E thermocouple temperature sensors; with automatic cold junction compensation by using a temperature sensor internal to the data logger
  • Type Pt100, Pt1000, and NTC temperature sensors.
  • 8 Digital I/O inputs : TTL logic levels (0=Vin<0.8 V, 1=Vin>3 V)
  • 2 High frequency pulse counting inputs: 100Khz max, TTL Logic (0=Vin<0.8 V, 1=Vin>3 V)
  • 2 Potential free contact inputs: Min open or closing time 10ms, max switching frequency 50hz.
  • RS485 inputs: Up to 8 sensors
Custom mathematical formulas can be defined and applied to the measured quantities, with arithmetic operators, logical, mathematical, and trigonometric functions, and control functions (IF…THEN)
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Key Specifications

Power Supply | Consumption
12-30VDC | 40mA @ 12VDC (can easily run off battery and solar panel)
Data Acquisition Interval
Programmable 1 to 60 seconds
Data Logging Interval
Programmable 2 seconds to 24 hours
Data Storage
Locally to SD card or to PC.
Data record size
bytes per record = number of measured values x 4bytes + 8 bytes for time stamp
Storage capacity
4mb internal memory | 4Gb SD card | Unlimitted on PC
Measured Quanitiy Interpretation
Apply mathematical formulas to log data in the desired unit.
Auxiliary Supply Output
+5V regulated or +Vsw (same value as power input) only active during measurement acquisition
Programmable Alarm Outputs
2 insulated voltage-free contact outputs Contact: max. 1 A @ 30 Vdc resistive load
Software Package
Included in the scope of supply.

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Available Accessories

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