Weighing Rain Gauge
Precipitation Measurement

Weighing Rain Gauge

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Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

The HD2016 measures rainfall by weighing it continuously which provides an order of magnitude better resolution and accuracy than the tipping bucket method. As the rain is collected the load cell converts the weight of the water to volume and transmits the information through digital outputs. When the rain gauge reaches a certain level it automatically discharges the collected water. If it is raining at the time the discharge needs to occur, a second valve closes allowing the incoming water to be held in the top reservoir until the discharge is complete. As with the other rain gauges offered by Senseca, the HD2016 is designed to withstand extreme conditions.

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Key Specifications

Measuring Principle
Load cell
Area of Collection
Power Supply
10 to 15 Vdc (Optional heater: 12VDC ±10%)
Rainfall: 0.001 mm Weight: 1 mg Rate: 0.001 mm/h or 0.001 mm/min Temperature: 0.1 °C
Maximum Rainfall
1,000 mm/h
Digital Output
RS485 with Modbus-RTU or ASCII proprietary protocol SDI-12
Contact Output
Normally open (RON ≈ 1 kΩ, TON ≈ 60 ms)
Power Consumption
Measuring circuit: ≈ 20 mA (1.5 A while discharging) Heater: 90 W
Operating Temperature
0 to +70 °C (With heater: -20 to +70 °C)
Scope of Delivery
Calibrated ready to use.

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Available Accessories

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