Transmitter: Temp, RH, Pressure, Airspeed

Transmitter: Temp, RH, Pressure, Airspeed

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3 weeks

P/N: HD2001.1: Temp/RH + Barometric Pressure

P/N HD2001.2: Temp/RH + Barometric Pressure + Air Speed

All models come with RS232C or multidrop RS485 serial output with the ability to connect several transmitters to a network.

In addition, all the models are fitted with an open collector type low-activated configurable alarm output.

The HD2001.1 model has three configurable analog outputs: 4…20 mA or 0…20 mA current output, or 0…10Vdc or 2…10Vdc voltage output.

The choice of output type is made by means of the jumpers set on the board.

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Key Specifications

NTC 10kΩ | -20…+80 °C
Temperature Accuracy
±0.3 °C in the range 0…+70 °C | ±0.4°C elsewhere
Capacitive | 0…100 %RH
Humidity Accuracy
±1.5 %RH (0…90% RH), ±2 %RH (elsewhere) For T=15…35 °C
600…1100 mbar | 600…1100 hPa | 60…110 kPa
Pressure Accuracy
±0.5 mbar @ 25 °C
Wind Speed
Omni Directional Hot Wire | 0…5 m/s
Wind Speed Accuracy
±0.15 m/s @ 25 °C
Analog Outputs (HD2001.1 Only)
4…20 mA 0…20 mA 0…10 Vdc 2…10 Vdc
Supply Voltage
24 VAC or 230 VAC

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Available Accessories

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