Thermocouple Transmitter Type J, K , S

Thermocouple Transmitter Type J, K , S

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Thermocouple Transmitter TC500 converts thermo-voltage inputs into standard industry signal outputs:


  • Thermocouple types J, K, or S


  • 0/4 to 20 mA
  • 0/2 to 10 V DC

The configuration is settable by dip switches, and the measuring range is programmable via rotary switches.

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Key Specifications

Power Supply
230 V AC ±10 % or 24 V DC ±15 % (AC frequency 47 to 63hz)
Power Consumption
< 3.5VA
Operating Temperature
-10 to +60°C
J Type Temperature Range
-10 to +800°C
K Type Temperature Range
-150 to +1200°C
S Type Temperature Range
0 to +1600°C
≤ 0.15 %, 1 °C
DIN35 rail
Wire Connections
Screw terminal, max 14 AWG
Protection Class

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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