Light / Radiation


Model Number
HD30.1 / HD30.S1 / HD30.S2


Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

Spectral analysis of light in the visible and ultraviolet range.

Large easy to use color touch screen and included softare package.

Photo-colorimetric quantities (HD30.S1 probe):

Illuminance [lux], Correlated Color Temperature CCT [K], Trichromatic Coordinates [x,y] (CIE 1931) or [u’,v’](CIE1978), CRI (color rendering index, R1…R14, Ra) , PAR [µmolphot/sm2]

Radiometric quantities (HD30.S2 probe):

UVA Irradiance (W/m2), UVB Irradiance (W/m2) and UVC Irradiance (W/m2) - per wavelength

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Key Specifications

Sensor Type
CCD linear (2048 elements)
Spectral Field
380 - 790nm (HD30.S1) | 220nm - 400nm (HD30.S2)
Wavelength Accuracy
0.3nm (reproducibility 0.1nm)
Diffused light
< 0.03%
Type of Measurement
Single: single acquisition with data backup - Ongoing: continuous acquisition with data backup - Monitor: continuous acquisition without saving data - Logging: acquisition at time intervals (from 3min to 60min) with data backup
Dimension of the Optical Input
Φ 11.8 mm
Cosine Correction
3mm opaline quartz diffuser (HD30.S1) | 2mm opaline quartz diffuser (HD30.S2)
Halogen Lamp (HD30.S1) | Deuterium Lamp (HD30.S2)
See data sheet
Embedded Operating System

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Available Accessories

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