Spectrally Flat Class A Albedometer
Light / Radiation

Spectrally Flat Class A Albedometer

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2-4 Weeks

LPS11 is our new Spectrally Flat Class A albedometer composed by 2the perfect solution for precise and efficient measurement of surface reflectivity and solar radiation!

Fully compliant with ISO 9060:2018 standards, the albedometer provides:

  • Accurate Measurement: it utilizes advanced sensor technology to provide highly accurate measurements of surface reflectivity, ensuring you obtain reliable data for your research or applications.
  • Dual Functionality: thermopile sensors facing upwards and downwards, capturing both incident and reflected solar radiation. This means you get a comprehensive view of your solar data, allowing for unparalleled insights.
  • Weather-Resistant Design: Built to withstand diverse environmental conditions, our Albedometer features a robust and weather-resistant design. From scorching sunlight to challenging climates, it is built to deliver consistent performance.

Totally passive, it doesn’t require any power supply. This simplifies your setup: direct outputs from the electric signals of the pyranometers to your data logger or automatic data processor.

Senseca albedometers are supplied factory calibrated with individual calibration report.

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Key Specifications

Sensor | Measuring Range
Thermopile | -200…4000 W/m2
Typical sensitivity | Viewing Angle
6…12 µV/Wm-2 | 2π sr
Spectral range (50%)
283…2800 nm
Passive in mV
Connection Type:
2 5-pole M12 connectors
Operating conditions
-40-+80 °C, 0-100 %RH
Spectrally Flat Class A
Operating Conditions
-40 to + 80C, 0 to 100% RH
Protection Degree
IP 67
Housing: anodized aluminum screen | ASA Dome: optical glass

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Available Accessories

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