Pyranometer for Small-Scale PV Monitoring

Pyranometer for Small-Scale PV Monitoring

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Small, light, and compact. The LPPYRA-Lite is specially designed for small-scale PV monitoring and efficiency control of solar PV systems.


  • LPPYRA-Lite: passive mV output (no power required)
  • LPPYRA-LiteAC: Active with 2-wire (current loop) 4 - 20 mA output.
  • LPPYRA-LiteS: RS485 Modbus-RTU
  • LPPYRALiteS12: SDI-12

Class C Spectrally Flat according to ISO 9060:2018

Specifically designed for direct tilted installation on PV panel plane, it does not require any levelling device, but for installations where horizontal positioning is needed, an optional fixing base with integrated levelling device is also available.


  • LPS40/32: Mounting adapter from 40 x 32 mm through hole layout.
  • LPS40/32BL: Mounting adapter 40 x 32 mm through hole layout. With integrated levelling device. Accuracy of the leveling device <0.2°
  • LPS3: Mounting bracket for horizontal or vertical poles 40 to 50mm O.D. LPS40/32… adapter is required.
  • LPRING04: Adjustable mounting bracket for an inclined position on Ø 40 mm pole with internal thread. LPS40/32… adapter is required.
  • HD2003.77/40: Clamp for 40 mm O.D. pole to install the pyranometer on a transverse mast. LPS40/32… adapter is required.
  • CPM12AA4…: Cable with 4-pole M12 connector on one end, open wires on the other end. Length 2 m (CPM12AA4.2), 5 m (CPM12AA4.5) or 10 m (CPM12AA4.10).
  • CPM12-8D…: Cable with 8-pole M12 connector on one end, open wires on the other end. Length 2 m (CPM12-8D.2), 5 m (CPM12-8D.5) or 10 m (CPM12-8D.10).
  • CP24: PC connecting cable for the configuration of LPPYRA-LiteS RS485 Modbus parameters. With built-in RS485/USB converter. 8-pole M12 connector on instrument side and A-type USB connector on PC side.
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Key Specifications

Sensor Type
Typical Sensitivity
5 to 15µV/Wm^-2
Measuring Range
0 to 2,000 W/m²
Spectral Range
300 to 2800 nm
mV, 4-20mA, RS485 Modbus-RTU, SDI-12 (depending on model ordered)
Spectrally Flat Class C
Response Time (95%)
< 25 seconds
Long Term Stability
< |±2| %
150 grams
Operating Conditions
-40…80 °C / 0…100 %RH

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Available Accessories

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