Precision Digital Pressure Meter - External sensor

Precision Digital Pressure Meter - External sensor

Model Number
GMH 3111 / 3151 / 3156


Standard Lead Time
2-3 weeks

The 3100 series pressure meter is a precision measuring device that works with a range of external plug-in sensors. The meters feature high-speed measurement and alarm functions, data logging, analog output, and an optional USB interface to the PC software. The meter can be connected to absolute or relative pressure sensors. Pressure differences can also be measured between two separate sensors on the dual output model.

The two main types of sensor for bothe absolute and relative pressure are:

  • GMSD series air pressure sensors for non aggressive gases
  • MSD series stainless steel pressure sensors for aggressive gases, liquids, and water.

Intrinsically safe ATEX-rated versions are available.

Meters can be connected to a PC to view the data in real-time as it is logged using the special USB cable and GSOFT3050 software package.

Easily export the data to Excel.

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Key Specifications

Model GMH3111
Single input, no data logging
Model GMH3151
Single input, data logging
Model GMH3156
Dual input, data logging
Pressure Units
Selectable, mbar, bar, kPa, MPa, mmHg, PSI, m H2O
Sampling Rate | Measuring Rate
Slow 4 measurements per second, Fast 1,000 measurements per second. | Max 1 data point per second consisting of Max, Min, and Average.
Sensor Calibration
Stored on the probes and automatically recognized by the meter
Data Logging | Interval
Locally to the device or to a PC (view data in real time on a PC in a chart and graph while it is logging | 1 to 3600 seconds
Analog Output
0 to 1V scalable
Power Supply
9V battery / Mains adapter
Mini DIN socket

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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