Portable and Benchtop Turbidimeter

Portable and Benchtop Turbidimeter

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3 weeks

The HD25.2 is a digital turbidity meter suitable for taking measurements in drinking water, wastewater, and process liquids. The working principle is based on the nephelometric (90° scattered light sensor) method. It has three light detectors and two LED light sources (white and infrared) which are continuously monitored and adjusted in order to guarantee long-term stability. The measurements are according to the standards EPA 180.1, ISO-NEPH (ISO 7027), EBC, and ASBC.

The meter can also measure the transmission percentage of white or infrared light.

The initial factory calibration is based on Formazin primary standard. For routine calibration a set of stabilized secondary standard solutions is available: STCAL (Turbidity standards for calibration):

  • STCAL 1 less than 0.05 NTU
  • STCAL 2 equal to 8 NTU
  • STCAL 3 equal to 80 NTU
  • STCAL 4 equal to 800 NTU


  • 9CPRS232: Connection cable SubD female 9- pole for serial output
  • RS232CCP22: Connection cable USB 2.0 connector type A - type
  • BSWD10: Stabilized power supply at 230Vac/9Vdc-300mA mains voltage.
  • HD40.1: 24-column portable thermal printer, serial interface, 57mm paper width, four NiMH 1.2V rechargeable batteries,
  • SWD10: power supply, instruction manual, 5 thermal paper rolls. Requires the cable 9CPRS232 (optional).
  • PL: Lubricant rag
  • OS1: Silicon oil - 25cc.
  • KCV: 4 empty sample cells Ø24x68mm
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Key Specifications

Measuring Range
EPA180.1 (0…1000 NTU) ISO-NEPH (0…1000 FNU) EBC (0…250 EBC) ASBC (0…9999 ASBC) WHITE %T (0…100 %T) IR %T (0…100 %T
0.01 NTU (0…9.99 NTU) 0.1 NTU (10.0…99.9 NTU) 1 NTU (100…1000 NTU)
±2% reading + 0.01 NTU (0…500 NTU) ±3% reading (500…1000 NTU)
±2% reading or 0.01 NTU (the larger of the two)
USB or RS232C to PC software
PC Software
Included in the scope of supply. View and log the data in real time.
Light Source
LED IR (850nm) and white LED (470nm)
Silicon photodiode
Sample Cell
24mm diameter x 68mm tall (22mL)
Power Supply
(3) 1.5V AA batteries or mains adapter 12VDC - 1A

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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