Pitot Tube Manometer
Air Speed

Pitot Tube Manometer

Model Number
HD2114P / HD2134P


Standard Lead Time
3 Weeks

The HD2114P.0 and HD2114P.2, HD2134P.0 and HD2134P.2 are portable micro-manometers that measure differential pressure from the ports on a Pitot tube and calculate airspeed. Temperature is also measured using a K-type thermocouple and taken into account in the airspeed calculation. Inputting the dimensions of the duct, tunnel, or enclosed area where the measurement is taken allows you to measure the volumetric flow rate.

Included in the scope of supply is a software package that allows you to view the data in real time while it is logging. This real-time data can be displayed live on a chart or a graph.

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Key Specifications

Air Speed Range
2 - 55m/s (HD2114P) | 2 - 180m/s (HD2134P)
Temperature Range
-200 to +600C
Air Speed Accuracy
HD2114P: ±(2% reading+0.1m/s) | HD2134P ±(2% reading+0.3m/s)
Temperature Accuracy
Minimun Airspeed
Data logging
Only with models: HD2114P.2 & HD2134P.2
Storage Interval
1,5,10,15,30 sec.; 1,2,5,10,15,20,30 min.; 1 hour
Storage Capacity
36,000 sample on internal memory | Unlimited on PC
USB or Serial to software package or query via RS232C
°C - °F - Pa - mbar - mmH2 O - PSI - m/s km/h - ft/m - mph - knot - l/s - m3 /h - cfm

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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