Panel Mounted Conductivity Meter

Panel Mounted Conductivity Meter

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The LF9648 Martens Conductivity Meter has been designed for the measurement of conductivity, using standard 2 electrode or 4 electrode conductivity cells. When used in connection with 4-electrode cell it provides high accuracy over a large range of conductivity. For measurements of ultra pure water it should be used with a two electrode cell with a low cell constant 0.1) for a high accuracy and sensitivity. The meter features a variety of options including analog and relay outputs, choice of power supply, and temperature monitoring via Pt100 or Pt1000 platinum resistance thermometers.

  • Broad measurement range (with 4 electrode cells)
  • Works with 2 or 4 electrode cells
  • Temperature Compensation (with Pt100 or Pt1000)
  • Programmable relay and analog outputs
  • Min Max Peak Hold (option )
  • AC or DC powered
  • Standard 98 x 46 mm panel size

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Key Specifications

Conductivity Electrode | Cell Constant
2 or 4 pole | 0.08 to 9.999
0 to 200 uS/cm, 0-2000uS/cm, 0 to 200mS/cm, 0 to 2,000mS/cm
0.5% of the measured value | +/- 2 digit
Temperature range | Accuracy
-50 to +200C, Pt100 or Pt1000 | +/-2 °C
Relay Output
Relay SPDT < 250 V AC < 250 VA < 2 A, < 300 V DC < 50 W < 2 A
Transistor Output
<35 V AC/DC, max 100 mA, short circuit protected.
Active Analog Output
0/4 to 20 mA burden ≤500 Ω; 0/2 to 10 V burden >500 Ω, isolated
Passive Analog Output
4 to 20 mA, ext. burden = RA[Ω]≤ (supply - 5 V) ÷ 0.02 A ; supply voltage 5..30 V DC.
Case Dimensions
Front 96x48 mm, mounting depth 100 mm
Wire Connections
28 AWG to 14 AWG clamp terminals

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Available Accessories

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