Oxygen Meter
Oxygen Analyzer

Oxygen Meter

Model Number
GMH 5695 / 607468


Standard Lead Time
2-3 weeks

Oxygen meter for use with external probes.

  • Waterproof and durable (protective silicone case)
  • Multi-point calibration for precision measurements
  • Data logger
  • analog output
  • Pressure connection for automatic compensation

The sensor consists of a sensing element (GOEL xxx) enclose in a sensor housing (GGO/ GGA/GOO).When purchasing a Sensor GGO/GGA/GOO xxx, a sensor element is already integrated, e.g. a GGO 570: contains housing GGO and a sensor element GOEL 370

GGO Sensor housing - Closed sensor design for atmospheric measurements where there are no over or under-pressure conditions. The sensor can be screwed directly to systems for measurements in an enclosed space. No pressure port compensation.

GOO Sensor housing - Open sensor design allows the gas to flow freely over the sensor through ported holes. Since the gas is free flowing there is no pressure compensation port.

GGA Sensor housing - Closed sensor design the same as GGO, however a pressure compensation port allows the reading to be unaffected by under / overpressure conditions.

Sensor Elements GOEL370 and GOEL 380

  • GOEL370: Universal sensor element 0-100% O2, Optimum range is 0.2 to 35%, unaffected by elevated CO2 concentrations.
  • GOEL380: Fast responding sensor especially for low O2 concentrations 0-100%, without elevated CO2 concentrations.
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Key Specifications

Oxygen Measuring Ranges
0.0 to 100% O2 | 0 to 1100.0 hPa O2
Temperature and Pressure Ranges
-5 to +50C (NTC10k embedding in sensor housing) | 300 to 5,000 hPa absolute.
± 0.1% O2
1, 2, or 3 point. (0%, 100%, 20.9% ambient air) | reminder programmable 1 to 365 days
Analog Output
0 to 1V, adjustable
Data Logger
Real-time clock Cyclic: 10,000 data sets, cycle time 1s to 60 minutes Single: 1000 data sets
Power Supply
(2) AAA batteries, or wall adapter. 1,000h battery life (with analog output off)
Auto Off Function
Can be disabled, otherwise programmable 1 to 120min
Sensor Housings Cable Length
1.2 meter standard, also available in 4m and 10m lengths

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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