Oxygen Analyzer


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Standard Lead Time
2 weeks

The OXY-SMART is primarily used in high-purity welding applications where the oxygen content on the back side of the weld or inside a glove box must be below a certain threshold, typically 20ppm before welding can commence. The analyzer has a small internal pump that draws in a continuous sample of gas from the welding zone. The solid-state zirconia sensor reacts fast giving the end user real-time O2 levels purged down to 5ppm in less than a minute.

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Key Specifications

Sensor Type
Long Life Ceramic-Zirconium oxide detector
Measuring Range
999 ppm to 5 ppm oxygen in argon, nitrogen, Ar/H2 blends
Response Time
2 seconds
+/- 4% | or +/- 1ppm below 25ppm
Color Graphic
9V lithium-ion battery
Scope of Supply
Analyzer with built in sampling pump, 10ft sample tube with inline filter and stainless probe, carry case, charger, user manual, and calibration certificate.
Calibration Certificate
NIST Traceable
Battery Life
9 hours on a single charge

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Available Accessories

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