Multisensor Photo-Radiometer
Light / Radiation

Multisensor Photo-Radiometer

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Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

Portable photo-radiometer that plugs directly into a laptop for the measurement of noncoherent optical radiation. Primarily used in an industrial setting for the protection of workers from exposure to artificial optical radiation. AOR have a wavelength between 100nm to 1mm and includes the field of visible optical radiation, as well as ultraviolet radiation (UVA, UVB and UVC) and infrared radiation (IR).

The device is easy to use and comes with an onboard laser to aid in selecting the source to be analyzed.

The logged data is displayed in real-time, and changes color from green to yellow to reds, according to exposure limits define by European directive 2006/25/EC

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Key Specifications

Measured Quantities
Illuminance (lux) - Irradiance (W/m2)
Spectral Ranges
Illuminance 380 - 780nm | Irradiance: UV 220-400nm (spectral weighting factor S (λ)), UVA 315 - 400nm, BLUE 400 - 700nm (spectral weighting factor B (λ), IR 700 - 1300nm (spectral weighting factor R (λ), IR 400-2800mm
Software Package
Included in the scope of supply
Power Supply
USB port (1 cable for power and data)
Storage interval
Fixed at 1 sec
Operating Conditions
-5C to 50C | 0-85% RH non-condensing
Calibration Certicate (optional)
Single calibration report for all the sensors. One point only for each sensor.
Accredited Calibration Certificate (optional)
ISO 17025 certificate for LUX and UVA measurements and single calibration report for the remaining sensors. LUX accredited range 50÷4000 lux; UVA accredited range 10÷45 W/m2

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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