Infrared Methane (CH4) Gas Sensor
Gas Monitors

Infrared Methane (CH4) Gas Sensor

Model Number
Gascard NG CH4


Standard Lead Time
2-4 weeks

The Gascard NG works on the principle of infrared absorption of the target gas methane. The measurements are automatically compensated in real-time for changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure.

These sensors are designed to be easily integrated into OEM systems or quickly implemented into prototyping, production, or automation control systems.

The Gascard outputs data via voltage or current analog signals and digital RS232.

Part Number & Ranges:

P/N:S197835-S  Gascard NG 0-1% CH4  

P/N:S197840-S  Gascard NG 0-5% CH4  

P/N:S197845-S  Gascard NG 0-10% CH4

P/N:S197850-S  Gascard NG 0-30% CH4  

P/N:S197860-S  Gascard NG 0-100% CH4  

P/N:S197861-S  Gascard NG 0-100% CH4 Biogas  


  • P/N: S196308: LCD display for Gascard
  • P/N: S75212-S: RS232 cable
  • P/N: S95029: Gascard external sampling pump (10-30V power 2.2W)
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Key Specifications

+/- 4% Full Scale ( +/- 2% analyzer & +/- 2% Certified calibration gas)
Zero Stability
+/- 2% of 12 months
Sampling Pump | Flow Rate
User provides means of flowing gas through the sensor | 1 L/min
Operating Pressure
800 - 1150 mbar (sampling from ambient or a free gas flow)
0/4-20mA Analog | RS232
Warm Up Time
1 minute
Power Supply
24VDC (18 to 36V) | 4 Watt typical
Response Time
Dependant on tubing length on sample input, T90 @ 4 seconds best performance.
Operating Temperature
Recommended annually

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

No accessories are currently available for this item.
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