IAQ Transmitter CO2 + Temperature
Air Quality / Microclimate

IAQ Transmitter CO2 + Temperature

Model Number
HD37 Series


Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

The HD37 series transmitters are used to monitor and control indoor air quality (IAQ). Monitoring CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the ducts of ventilation systems or in rooms allows for increasing or reducing the number of air changes per hour according to ASHRAE and IMC norms. The goal is to have good air quality while saving energy by optimizing the up time of the HVAC system.

All models have analog and digital outputs.

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Key Specifications

CO2 Measurement Principle
Double wavelength infrared (NDIR)
CO2 Measurement Range
0 - 2000ppm or 0 - 5,000ppm
Analog Output
4-20mA or 0-10Vdc
TV: wall mounted with integrated probe | TC: Wall mounted with barbed connections for external duct probes
Digital Output
Open collector, 1500ppm CO2 threshold, Vmax 40Vdc Pmax 400mW
Supply Voltage
60-40Vdc or 24VAC
Power Consumption
Response Time
120 seconds
Factory calibrated. User calibration at 0ppm or 400ppm clear air.
Electronics Degree of Protection
TV: IP21 TC: IP65

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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