Hotwire Air Speed Transmitter
Air Speed

Hotwire Air Speed Transmitter

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Standard Lead Time
3 Weeks

HD403TS and HD4V3TS series of hotwire air speed transmitters are used for measuring and controlling airspeed in ventilation ducts, clean rooms, extractor fans, as well as monitoring air quality (IAQ), etc.

Choose from current or voltage analog output.

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Key Specifications

Hotwire Probe Type
Directional | Omnidirectional | Flexible articulated tip directional | Omnidirectional with tripod
Air Speed Range [directional variants]
0.20 to 40 m/s
Air Speed Range [omnidirectional variants]
0.1 to 5.00m/s
Analog Output (Model)
4 - 20mA (HD403TS) 0 - 10Vdc (HD4V2TS)
Measurement Accuracy
±(0.2 m/s+3 %f.s.)
Temperature Compensation
0 - 80C
Response Time
0.2 sec (fast) 2 sec (slow)
Cable Length
2m as standard
Sensor Working Conditions
Clean air, RH <80%
Electronics Protections Class

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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