High Speed USB Pressure Sensor

High Speed USB Pressure Sensor

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With GDUSB-1000 interface you can connect a pressure sensor directly to your PC USB input. The interface contains a transducer chip to work with a range of plug in sensors. The interface can take pressure data at high speed sampling rates up to 1000/sec. and transmits 4 channels of information, current pressure, average, max and min. The range of sensors (see below) includes absolute and differential pressure sensors. The two main types are air sensors for non aggressive gases, and stainless steel types for aggressive gases and liquids. These are available in a wide selection of pressure ranges.

See below for a list of compatible pressure sensors, both relative and absolute.


• Test rigs and laboratory experiments

• Detection of pressure peaks

• Monitoring system pressure curves e.g. for process technology, engineering, etc.

• Live displaying of measuring data of several GDUSB 1000

• Data evaluation and logging, for optimization of processes and other statistics

• Multi-channel measurements with high recoding rate

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Key Specifications

Compatible Sensors
GMSD and MSD series - See data sheets below
Sensor Calibration
Stored on sensor and automatically recognized by the GDUSB interface.
Measured Values Per Second
Standard mode 32 hz Fast mode 1000hz | or user defined sampling rate between 1ms and 10s
+/- 0.2% full scale + sensor accuracy
Data read out
4 Channels: measured, average, max peak, min peak.
Standad USB A to computer | 6 pin mini-DIN locking connector to pressure sensor
Scope of supply
GDUSB interface + Pressure sensor + Software & drivers
Data display
Realtime while logging in a spreadsheet and graph
Pressure Units
mbar, bar, kPa, MPa, mmHg, PSI, mH2O can be selected.
Power supply
Powered by USB port

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Available Accessories

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