Temperature: transmitter, indicator, ON/OFF Regulator

Temperature: transmitter, indicator, ON/OFF Regulator

Model Number
HD2717 / HD2817


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The instruments of the HD2717T… and HD2817T… series are transmitters, indicators, and ON/OFF regulators with data logging functions; they measure temperature and humidity.The models of the HD2817T… are fitted with a graphic 128 x 64 backlit display. The main feature of these instruments is their interchangeable probe.The probe can be replaced by the user without process interruption. Thus, the probe can be calibrated or repaired at a later time. The instrument is available in different versions: with horizontal probe (S.TO), vertical probe (S.TV) or with remote probe (S.TC), having the probe connected to the electronics by means of a cable of various lengths. The S.TO and S.TV probes are made of stainless steel AISI304, the S.TC probes can be of stainless steel AISI304 or Technopolymer PBT (plastic material).

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Key Specifications

Probe types
Fixed horizontal | Fixed vertical | Probes with cable for the measurement of humidity and dew point in compressed air systems or pipes
Temperature sensor type | range
Pt100 | -50 to +200C (see data sheet for different configurations)
Temperature sensor accuracy | resolution
±0.25 °C | 0.1 °C
Relative humidity sensor type | range
Capacitive | RH = 0 to 100 %RH AH = 0 to 600 g/m3 DP & Tw = -50 to +100 °C MR = 0 to 2000 g/kg of dry air
Relative humidity sensor accuracy | resolution
±1.5 %RH (0 to 90 %RH) ±2.0 %RH (elsewhere) @ T=15 to 35 °C ±(1.5+1.5% of the measured value) %RH @ T = remaining range | 0.1 %RH
RS232C and RS485 Multidrop | Analog 4-20mA, 0-10V | Relay (2) SPDT operating relays 3A / 250V, Alarm relay (1) SPST normally open 3A / 250V

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Available Accessories

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