Handheld Barometer / Manometer (Absolute Pressure)

Handheld Barometer / Manometer (Absolute Pressure)

Model Number
G1111-(UT,QC6,ST6,MCM) | G1114-(UT,QC6,ST6,MCM)


Standard Lead Time
2 Weeks

The G11 series Barometer / Manometer are compact, waterproof, precise, and reliable meters for professional users and applications.


G1111: 0.0 to 1700 hPa Absolute

G1114: 0.0 to 14,000 hPa Absolute

Optional ISO Calibration Certificate:

P/N:  ISO-WPD5: 5 points rising, 5 points falling distributed across the range.

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Key Specifications

Measuring Range (Absolute Pressure - Relative to a Vacuum)
0.0 to 1700.0 hPa or 0 to 14,000 hPa
Pressure Connection
G1/8" universal port: Choose from barbed fitting, quick disconnect, screw connection, or MCM quick coupling
Tubing Size for Barbed fitting
4mm or 6mm I.D.
hPa, mmHg (Tor), mbar, and PSI.
Measuring Frequency
Fast: 25 hz | Slow 2.5 hz
± 1.25 % FSS for G1111 (0 to 1700hPa) | ± 1.25 % FSS +/-0.1 % of value (@ 25 °C) for G1114 (0 to 14,000 hPa
Standard Functions
Min, Max, Hold
Special Functions
Averaging over 2s, 5s, or 10s | Tare function | Sea level correction
Break-proof ABS | IP67 | 108 x 54x 28 mm (LxWxH)
Power Supply | Autonomy
(2) AA Batteries | 3,000 hours (slow mode)

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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