Hand-Held Conductivity Meter

Hand-Held Conductivity Meter

Model Number


Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

The HD2106.1 is a portable conductivity meter with an LCD display. It measures conductivity, liquid resistivity, and total dissolved solids (TDS), using 2 or 4 electrode probes equipped with a SICRAM module.

Temperature is measured by Pt100 or Pt1000 RTD sensors embedded in the conductivity probes.

The probe calibration can be performed automatically in one or more standard calibration buffers: 147 μS/cm, 1413 μS/cm, 12880 μS/cm or 111800 μS/cm.

The type of probe and it's calibration are automatically recognized by the meter.

The data can be logged to a PC via an RS232C cable and can be viewed in real-time as it's being logged (chart or graph)

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Key Specifications

Power | Autonomy
(3) AA batteries | 200 hours or Plug in with AC adapter
Conductivity Electrode Cell Constants
K=0.1 K=0.7 K=1 K=10
Conductivity Accuracy
+/-0.5% +/- 1 digit
Meter Functionality
Max, Min, Average, realtime transfer to PC with RS232C cable
Temperature Measurement Range | Resolution | Accuracy
-50°C to +200°C | 0.1°C | +/- 0.25°C
Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
0 to 100°C
Software package
Included in the scope of supply
Protection Degree
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