Dual Absolute Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Dual Absolute Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Model Number
HD3817T / HD38V17T


Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

Absolute humidity is the ratio between the mass of water vapor per volume of air, and is expressed in g/m3. The transmitters of the HD3817T are used to monitor and control humidity during a drying process. When drying through heating or hot air flow, the air absolute humidity increase is directly proportional to the quantity of water lost. A control system measuring absolute humidity, can maintain a humidity level by injecting vapor or spray into the process environment.

Common applications are in the following industries:

Chemical, textile, food, production and storage of paper, and drying of lumber.

These sensors are immune to most chemical exposures.

The maximum working temperature is 200 °C which makes these instruments particularly suited to heavy industrial applications where the traditional capacitive sensor cannot be used.

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Key Specifications

Type of Sensor
Heat conductivity with double combined NTC
Measurment Range
0...130 g/m3 (0...100% RH @60 °C and 1013hPa) | Note: maxiumum humidity value varies with enviornmental temperature.
±3 g/m3 at 35 g/m3 and 40 °C
Response Time
60 seconds to 63% of final value
4 Wire Pt100 | 0-200C range | 1/3 DIN
Analog Outputs
4-20mA or 0-10Vdc
Probe Material
AISI304 Stainless Steel
Supply Voltage
24VAC or 115VAC on request

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Available Accessories

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