Droplet Thermocouple probe

Droplet Thermocouple probe

Model Number
GTF101-5-05-0150-NT / GTT-05-150-NKU1200O


Standard Lead Time
Usually in stock / 2 weeks

Type K droplet probe 0.5mm diameter x 150mm length

GTF-XX... with 1m cable

GTT-XX... direct connection to the meter no cable

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Key Specifications

Jacket Material
Flexible Inconel
Highly compress pure magnesium oxide
Thermo wires
NiCr-Ni, DIN IEC 584, welding insulated (volt-free)
optimum accuracy (cl. 1) = ±1.5 °C or ±0.4 % of measuring value (Almost double accuracy as compared to class 2. As a comparison with class 2: ±2.5 °C or ±0.75 % of the measured value.
Cable connection (GTF only)
silicone compensation line, 1 m long (max. 200 °C)
Temperature Range
-200 ... +1150 °C (Probe tip and front part)
Application Range
Wire outlet: max. 200 °C, for cable p.r.t. accessories (Accuracy class 1 applicable from -40 ... +1000 °C)
Upper Temperature range for continuous use

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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