Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter
Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter

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Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

The GODOX 200 measures dissolved oxygen using an optical luminescence sensor (no electrolyte is needed).

Ambient pressure and temperature are automatically compensated for providing a sensor suitable for permanent installation.

Dissolved oxygen measurements can accurately be taken down to 98ft below the surface of the liquid.

Each sensor includes a replaceable membrane with an expected lifetime of 2 years of continuous use.

The variant –PS is suitable for permanent installation in seawater as it's construction is 100% PVC

● Low-maintenance optical measuring without electrolyte

● No flow required

● Two 4-20 mA (or 0-5V, switchable) outputs: concentration and saturation

● Full pressure and temperature compensation

● Salt water correction de/activatable

● Low-maintenance and durable

● Calibration only 1 time per year in many applications!

● Easily replaceable membrane heads

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Key Specifications

Oxygen Concentration Range
0 to 20 mg/L (ppm)
Oxygen Saturation Range
0 to 200%
±0.1 mg/l below 1 mg/l | ±0.2 mg/l above 1 mg/l
Response Time
< 30 Seconds
Output Signal
4 to 20 mA or 0-5V (switchable)
Max Pressure
3 Bar or 30m water column
Power Supply
5 to 16 VDC (not included in the scope of supply)
-ST (Standard use PVC / Stainless Steel) -PS ( All PVC construction for saltwater use)
Sensor Dimensions
225m Long | 70.5mm installation length | 42.1 mm diameter | 28 mm installation diameter
Mounting thread
1" NPT front and rear

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Available Accessories

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