Dew Point Hygrometer

Dew Point Hygrometer

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Standard Lead Time
~ 1 week

Dewpoint transmitter with 2-wire, 4-20 ma output. Nema 4X protection. Also includes Automatic Calibration adjustment via side mounted push buttons. Supplied with calibration in °C (°F) dew point output, 6’ connecting cable, manual, and free NIST traceable certificate. Optional outputs in ppmv, ppbv, or lb/10^6 ft3 are available.

Ranges DS1200-AMT-XXX:

  • HDF Instrument with -85/+68°F range
  • HDC Instrument with -65/+20 °C range
  • SDF Instrument with -148/+68°F range
  • SDC Instrument with -100/+20 °C range
  • LDF Instrument with -184/+68°F range
  • LDC Instrument with -120/+20 °C range
  • SPX Instrument with 1 to 1000 PPMv range
  • MPX Instrument with 0.1 to 100 PPMv range
  • LPX Instrument with 0.01 to 10 PPMv range
  • PBX Instrument with 1 to 1000 PPBv range
  • LB20 Instrument with 0.1 to 20 lb/106 ft3 range
  • *CO2 For CO2 service, add code CO2 after range (example: DS1200 - AMT – SDF – CO2)


  • CAB-AMT-006: Standard 6 foot cable with pre-wired NEMA 4 sensor connector
  • CAB-AMT-XXX: Custom cut cable length in feet (NEMA 4 sensor connector not pre-wired)
  • SH-AMT-0-0: Sample cell with two 1/8” female NPT threaded connections
  • SH-AMT-4-4: Sample cell with two 1/8” compression tube fittings
  • SH-AMT-0-0: Sample cell with two 1/4” compression tube fittings

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Key Specifications

Sensor Type
Aluminum Oxide Ultra High Capacitance
Sensor Accuracy
+/- 2 degs C dewpoint
Allowable Pressure
0.15 PSIA (0.01 barA) to Maximum 5,075 PSIA ( 350 barA)
Flow independent, ideally 4 to 10 SCFH (2 to 5 LPM). Max: 50 SCFH
Case Material
Stainless steel IP 65 weatherproof
4 wire shielded up to 100m in length
Power Supply
24 - 250 VAC 3.5W, 50/60Hz universal power adaptor. Or 20 - 300 VDC / 150 - 15 mA
Analog Output
Isolated 4 - 20 mA, max load 800 Ohms
Alarm Relays
2 sets of voltage free changeover alarm contacts rated at 7A@240 VAC, 7A@30VDC Set points adjusted from the front panel.
4 digit 14 segment bright red LED 0.5"

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Available Accessories

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