Data Logging Portable Luxmeter
Light / Radiation

Data Logging Portable Luxmeter

Model Number
HD2102.1 / HD2102.2


Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

The HD2102 luxmeters are handheld instruments with a large display capable of transferring data in real time to a PC or logging direct to its internal memory.

They measure illuminance, luminance, PAR, and irradiance using a wide variety of probes:

Photometric for illuminance and luminance.

Quantum radiometric for photon flow.

Radiometric for spectral ranges: UVA, UVB, UVC, and UV-BC


Combined Illuminance (lux) - Irradiance (W/m^2) - UVA spectral range.

Combined Total Effective Irradiance weighted according to the UV action curve

Global Solar Irradiance - pyranometer.

In addition to the max, min, and average values it's also possible to measure the cumulative dosage over time integral Q(t).


  • LP471PHOT: Illuminance, 0.1 lux to 200·103 lux.
  • LP471LUM2: Illuminance, 1 cd/m2 to 2000·103 cd/m2
  • LP471PAR: Photon Flow PAR, 0.1 μmol m-²s-1 to 10·10³ μmol m-²s-¹
  • LP471PAR02: Photon Flow PAR, 0.1 μmol m-²s-1 to 10·10³ μmol m-²s-¹.
  • LP471RAD: Irradiance 400 to 1050nm, 1.0·10-3 W/m²…2000 W/m²
  • LP471UVA: Irradiance 315 to 400nm, 1.0·10-3 W/m² … 2000 W/m²
  • LP471UVB: Irradiance 280 to 315nm, 1.0·10-3 W/m² … 2000 W/m²
  • LP471UVC: Irradiance 220 to 280nm, 1.0·10-3 W/m² … 2000 W/m²
  • LP471BUE: Effective Irradiance 380 to 550um (blue light), 1.0·10-3 W/m² to 2000 W/m²
  • LP471P-A: Combined Illuminance and UVA Irradiance, 315 to 400nm, 0.3 lux to 200·10³ lux &  1.0·10-3 W/m² to 2000 W/m²
  • LP471A-UVeff: Total Effective Irradiance, UV-CB and UVA 250 to 400nm, see data sheet for range.
  • LP471SILICON-PYRA: Global Solar Irradiance, 400 to 1100nm, 0…2000 W/m²
  • LP471PYRA: - LPPYRA03  Spectrally Flat Class C (Second Class) pyranometer; LPPYRA02 is a Spectrally Flat Class B (First Class) pyranometer and LPPYRA10 is a Spectrally Flat Class A (Secondary Standard) pyranometer.


  • LPBL: Probe holder with leveling device
  • LPBL3: Probe holder for mounting on a wall, adjustable angle.

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Key Specifications

Measured Quantities
lux - fcd - lux/s - fcd/s - W/m2 - µW/cm2 - J/m2 - µJ/cm2 - µmol/(m2 . s) - µmol/m2 - cd/m2 - µW/lumen
Max | Min | Average | Dosage Q(t)
Power Supply
(4) 1.5V type AA or Mains adaptor
Data Logging Capacity
38,000 samples for single probe | 14,000 samples for combined probe | Unlimited when connected to a PC
USB 1.1 - 2.0 to connect to the software or query via RS232C
Working Relative Humidity
0 to 90% non condensing
Protection Degree
Battery Life
200 Hours
Software Package
Included in the scope of supply

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