Air Speed Transmitter + Optional: Temp / RH
Air Speed

Air Speed Transmitter + Optional: Temp / RH

Model Number
HD2903T / HD29V3T


Standard Lead Time
3 weeks

Precision thin film air speed sensors packaged in a robust 304 stainless steel probe enclosure. Available to include temperature or relative humidity, or both. 4 air speed ranges are selectable by jumper, and 6 probe lengths come with the insertion length printed on the body of the probe. Choose from two styles; a probe mounted directly to the electronics or a probe connected to the electronics by cable. Flanges and glands are available for mounting directly into ducts. Analog output in voltage or current.

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Key Specifications

Air Speed Measuring Range
Range 1 = 0.05…1 m/s Range 2 = 0.1…2 m/s Range 3 = 0.20…10 m/s Range 4 = 0.20…20 m/s
Air Speed Accuracy
Range 1 = ±(0.1 m/s+3% of the reading) Range 2 = ±(0.15 m/s+3% of the reading) Range 3 = ±(0.5 m/s+3% of the reading) Range 4 = ±(0.7 m/s+3% of the reading)
Temperature Range (Accuracy)
-10…+60 °C (±0.3 °C)
Relative Humidity Range
0…100 %RH
Relative Humidity Accuracy
±1.5 %RH (10…90 %RH) ±2.0% RH (in the remaining range) for T= 15…35 °C | ±(1.5+1.5% of the displayed value) %RH in the remaining temperature range
Analog Output
4…20 mA | 0…10 Vdc
Response Time
0.2 sec (Fast) 2 sec (slow) - settable by jumper
Supply Voltage
18…40 Vdc or 12…24 Vac±10%

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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