Adjustable Flow Switch 1 to 600L/min
Flow Switch

Adjustable Flow Switch 1 to 600L/min

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3 weeks

As the volume flow increases a disc with integrated magnet rises against a spring. Magnetic coupling actuates a hermetically sealed micro switch.

The flow rate at which the switch is actuated is easily set and adjusted by the end user.

General installation advice:

  • Include straight calming section of 5 x DN in inlet and outlet
  • Include a filter if the media are dirty (use a magnetic filter for ferritic components).
  • When switched on, a load must be connected in series.
  • The electrical details apply to ohmic loads. Capacitive and inductive loads must be operated using a protective circuit.
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Key Specifications

Process Connection
Female thread: DN 8 G1/4, DN 10 G3/8, DN 15 G1/2, DN 20 G3/4, DN 25 G1, DN 32 G 1-1/4, DN 40 G 1-1/2, DN50 G 2, DN 80 G 3
Conection Material
Red bronze
Max Pressure
G1/4 to G1/2: 100 Bar | G3/4 to G1: 25 Bar | G1-1/4 to G3: 16 Bar
Working Fluid Temperature
-20C to +90C
Ambient Temperature
-20C to +70C
Working Fluid
Water (oil and gas available upon request)
Switching Power
5A, 250V Max
Electrical Connection
plug DIN 43650-A / ISO 4400
Wetted Materials
Rg 5 / Rg 6 nickelled, POM, 1.4310, CW614N, NBR, hard ferrite
Adjustment of the flow rate switching value
Twist and lock the body of the switch.

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Available Accessories

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