4 Component Net Radiometer

4 Component Net Radiometer

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LPNET14 is a 4-component net radiometer for the measurement of the net radiation between 0.3 μm and 45 μm. The net-radiometer consists of two pyranometers (one for the measurement of the global radiation Esw↓ and the other one for the measurement of the reflected solar radiation Esw↑ ) and a pair of pyrgeometers (one for the measurement of the infrared radiation emitted by the sky EFIR↓ and the other one for the infrared emitted by the ground surface EFIR↑).

The pyranometers that make up the LPNET14 measure the radiation for wavelengths between 0.3 µm and 3.0 µm, while the pyrgeometers measure the irradiance in the spectral range between 5.5 µm and 45 µm.

• The net-radiometer LPNET14 does not need any power supply.

• The instrument is equipped with two M12 8-pole connectors.

• The optional cables end with an 8-pole connector on one side and open wires on the other side. The cable is UV-resistant and shielded.

Delivers complete with a 16mm O.D. x 400mm long shaft, 2 bird spikes, 5 recharges of desiccant, integrated leveling device, calibration report. The four outputs are connected to two 8-pole M12 connectors.


  • LPG2: 5 recharges of desiccant sachets (each composed of 2 silica-gel cartridges and one marker).
  • CPM12AA8N.XX: cable with 8-pole M12 connector on one end, open wires on the other end. Available length 2, 5 or 10 m.
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Key Specifications

Pyranometer Type
2 X Matte black thermopile under two K5 glass domes.
Pyranometer Sensitivity
5 to 15 µV/(W/m2)
Pyranometer Measuring Range
0 to 2000 W/m²
Pyranometer and Pyrgeometer Impedance
33 Ω ÷ 45 Ω
Pyranometer Spectral Range
300 nm ÷ 2800 nm (50%) | 335 nm ÷ 2200 nm (95%)
Pyrgeometer Type
2 X Matte black thermopile under a filter and silicon disk.
Pyrgeometer Sensitivity
5-10 μV/(W/m² )
Pyrgeometer Measuring Range
-300 to +300 W/m²
Pyrgeometer Spectral Range
4.5 μm to 45 μm (50%)
LPNET14 Working Temperature
-40 °C to 80 °C

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Available Accessories

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