2 Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer
Air Speed

2 Axis Ultrasonic Anemometer

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The HD52.3D… are 2 axes ultrasonic static anemometers for measuring:

  • Wind speed and direction, U-V Cartesian components of wind speed
  • Wind Gust – Measurement available only with MODBUS-RTU and SDI-12 protocols
  • Relative Humidity and Temperature (optional),
  • Global Solar Radiation (optional)
  • Barometric pressure (optional)
  • Rainfall (optional)

All models are equipped with a magnetic compass.


  • No moving parts = less maintenance.
  • High sensitivity for detecting very low speeds, which are not detectable by traditional methods.
  • The low power consumption allows installation at remote sites using a small solar panel and battery.
  • The heating option ‘R’ prevents the accumulation of snow and ice, allowing accurate measurements in all environmental conditions.
  • Fast and easy installation, and alignment facilitated by the built-in compass.
  • MODBUS-RTU output allows instrument networking.
  • Accurate and reliable. Factory calibrated in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited göttinger-type wind tunnel equipped with laser doppler anemometry.

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Key Specifications

Base Configuration | Add ons
Wind speed and direction | Temp/RH, Solar Radiation, Rainfall, Barometric Pressure
Wind Speed: Range | Resolution | Accuracy
0 - 60m/s | 0.01 m/s | ± 0.2 m/s or ± 2%, whichever is greatest (0…35 m/s), ± 3% (> 35 m/s)
Compass: Range | Resolution | Accuracy
0…360° | 0.1° | ± 1°
NMEA, MODBUS-RTU, SDI-12, proprietary RS232 and RS485
Analog Outputs
2 analog outputs for wind speed and direction. 4…20 mA (standard), 0…1, 0…5 and 0…10 V (option 0…10 V needs 15…30 Vdc power supply)
Power Supply
10 - 30Vdc
Survival Speed

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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