Headspace MAP Analyzers


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$ 2,050.00 USD
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Headspace analyzer for modified atmosphere packaging. 15mL sample volume.

0-100% O2

0-100% CO2.

MAP PAK-2 : Oxygen

MAP PAK 2 Combi: Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

All analyzers come with a NIST traceable calibration certificate valid for 12 months, and an initial supply of septa and needles.

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Key Specifications

O2 ± 1% (full scale) / CO2 ± 5% (of reading e.g. 20% CO2 = Accuracy of ± 1%)
Accuracy at 1% O2 & 20% CO2
Better than ± 0.25% O2 and Better than ± 1% CO2
Senor Type
Electro Chemical Sensor (O2) & Nondispersive Infrared Sensor (CO2)
0.1% for O2 and CO2
Sensor Lifetime
O2 Sensor - 2 years* CO2 Sensor - Indefinitely
Customizable High & Low Alarms for both O2 and CO2 readings for each Product Profile
Data Storage
10,000+ Measurements stored internally on high capacity SD card
Data Output
Download results to CSV file (Excel) with no software required
Scope of Supply
NIST traceable calibration certificate, Initial set of needles, Septa, Hydrophobic filters, USB cable, Charger, Carry Case

Available Accessories

Available Accessories

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