Oxygen Analyzer

Compact Oxygen Analyzer

Model Number
$ 395.00 USD
Standard Lead Time
1-2 Weeks

This simple device uses and electochemical sensor to measure the oxygen concentration in gas mixtures and air. The opening of the sensor allows the local air to diffuse into the sensor. The unit can be calibrated in fresh air (atmospheric oxygen concentration is 20.59%.)The reading is automatically compensated for temperature. The reading needs to be compensated for air pressure and this can be done during calibration by entering the local air pressure on the keypad.

Succesor to model: GOX100

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Key Specifications

0-100% Oxygen | GOEL370 most precise in the range 0.2 to 35% (works in high CO2 mixtures) | GOEL381 most precise in the range 35 to 100% (low CO2 present)
Max Pressure
±0.25 bar difference at sensor membrane 0.6 ... 1.75 bar absolute
Response time
90% in < 10 sec
GOEL370: ± 0.25 vol. % O₂ in the range 0.2 to 35% | GOAL381: ± 2.0% * (value-20.9 vol. % O₂) in the range 35 to 100%
Battery (life)
2 x AA (3,000 hours)
Protection Degree
IP65 / IP67, Sensor IP54
Scope of Supply
Instrument, Sensor, flow diverter, T-fitting, Carry Case.
Delivery State
Can be delivered ready to use or with the sensor in sealed can. The sensor is consumable, and starts to degrade after opening the can. Typical sensor life is 2 years.
Sampling rate
approx. 1 measurement per second
0.1% Oxygen

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Available Accessories

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