Motorized Vertical Test Stands
Push-Pull Tension and Compression

Test stand can be used with standard digital push pull force gauges to precisely measure the tension or compression applied to a test piece.

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Features of the Multitest Motorized Test Stands for compression and tension
  • Use with standard force gages
  • Easy operation for production and quality control applications
  • Wide force range
  • Dynamic Braking for enhanced stopping
  • Manual or cylce control mode
  • Precision Linear motion with single ball screw drive
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Stop and reverse at sample break or alarm point
  • Good repeatability - much better than manual systems
  • CE marked
Introduction to Motorized test stands
The multitest motorized stands can accomodate specimens up to 510 mm in height and apply a tensile or compressive load up to 2500N (550lbf) (two models see details below). The stands are constructed using rigid aluminum base castings providing overall strength, precision and durability to the system. A range of accessories are available for gripping different sample materials and applying the load.
Inspection and testing of all kinds of precision parts and mechanisms including relay contacts, and switches
Strength testing for components and assemblies such as wire harness
Connection testing measure the pull out and insertion force of all kinds of connectors and fitted components.

General Specifications Multitest Motorized Test Stands for Push Pull

Vertical Test Stands Computer controlled Test Stands Here

Force sensors are not included and need to be ordered separately from the test stand.

The 1D and 2.5D are designed for use with standard handheld gages

Model MultiTest 2.5D MultiTest 1D
Capacity 250 kgf
(550 lbf, 2500N)
100 kgf
(220 lbf, 1000N)
Stroke 290 mm 500 mm
Speed 2.5 - 750 mm/min 2.5 - 1000 mm/min
Max headroom 330 mm 510 mm
Throat depth 62 mm 62 mm
Up / Down control Toggle switch with LED directional indicator Toggle switch
Speed control graduated potentiometer graduated potentiometer
Limit switch repeatability < 0.5 mm < 0.5 mm
Overrun at top speed <2 mm <2 mm
Power AC 110/220 60W 60W
Weight 18 kg (39lbs) 15 kg
Computer interface na na
Software na na
Ordering Information Motorized Test Stands
Model N lb Kg Price 
US Dollars
MultiTest 1.0 with dust cover 1000 220 100 $5400.00 order online 
MultiTest 2.5 with dust cover 2500 550 200 $3850.00

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