Mini Fluorometer
The DQ300 Mini Fluorometer is an economical, sensitive fluorometer designed for quick, easy, and accurate fluorescence measurements. The new Minicell Adaptor enables you to measure samples at low concentrations with an assay volume as low as 50 µL. 
Hand held oxygen monitor

Features of the Minifluor

· Dual-channel (UV & BLUE)
· Serial interface
· Two reading modes (Discrete & Continuous)
· Internal Data Logging Software
· Solid Standard
· Minicell Adaptor (optional)
· Single-point calibration

Primary Fluorescence Applications
Nucleic acid quantitation: *PicoGreen®, RiboGreen®, and Hoechst 33258 dye.
Protein quantitation: *NanoOrange®
Enzyme Studies: 4-Methylumbelliferone

*Trademarks : PicoGreen, RiboGreen, and NanoOrange are registered trademarks of Molecular Probes, Inc.

Sensitive Fluorometer
The TBS-380 Mini-Fluorometer provides high sensitivity for fluorescence measurements. The new Minicell Adaptor with two focusing lenses allows you to measure samples in low assay volumes without losing sensitivity. When used with the Minicell Adaptor, the TBS-380 Mini Fluorometer can detect 50 pg of dsDNA in 50 µL assay volume using PicoGreen® reagent.

DQ300 Mini-Fluorometer Minicell Adaptor Kit
  • Measure sample volumes as low as 50 µL without losing sensitivity.
  • Adaptor fits into the DQ300 Mini-Fluorometer sample compartment.
  • Easy to use.

For applications where sample volume is a concern, the Minicell Adaptor with two focusing lenses allows you to measure sample in an assay volumes as low as 50
µL without losing sensitivity (e.g. 1 ng/mL dsDNA using PicoGreen, 50 pg of dsDNA in 50 µL assay volume).

The Minicell Adaptor Kit comes equipped with 500 borosilicate, flat-bottomed vials that are easily loaded in and out of the adaptor. The disposable vials eliminate potential cross-contamination and time-consuming cleanup required with non-disposable cells. Vials accommodate a sample volume range of 50-250 µL.

Results from the Minicell Adaptor used to quantitate DNA
with Molecular Probes PicoGreen® Assay.
Minimum assay volume
10 x 10 mm cuvette 2 mL
Minicell 50 µL
Minimum Detection Limit 500 pg/mL
1 ng/mL
Minimum amount of DNA required 1 ng 50 pg
Cost of the reagent per sample $1.20 $0.03
Benefit of using Minicell with the PicoGreen Assay.

Straightforward easy to use Fluorometer
The DQ300 Mini Fluorometer is designed for fast accurate fluorescence measurements. Unlike larger, more complex fluorometers, it is so easy to use that you can have results within minutes without training or previous experience. The single point calibration saves time, and the dual-channel design allows you to switch between two assays with a single press of a button.

Low Cost Fluorometer
Small in size but big in utility, the DQ300
Mini-Fluorometer gives you the performance you expect from larger and more expensive instruments. Its inexpensive price meets your need for accurate fluorescence measurements within a limited budget. Although quite economical, the DQ300
Mini-Fluorometer provides superior sensitivity and reliability.


  • DNA Quantitation using PicoGreen
  • RNA Quantitation using RiboGreen(S-0071)
  • DNA Quantitation using Hoechst 33258 Dye(S-0072)
  • Protein Quantitation using NanoOrange


Detector: Silicon photodiode.
Sensitivity 1 ng/mL DNA using PicoGreen®, 1 ng/mL RNA using RiboGreen®, and 10 ng/mL DNA using Hoechst 33258 in a standard 10 x 10 mm cuvette and 50-200 µL Minicell. 100 ng/mL protein using NanoOrange™ in a standard 10 x 10 mm cuvette.
Light Source UV LED 365—395 nm, Blue LED 465—485 nm
Emission Range UV LED 440 - 470nm ....Blue LED 515-575nm
Sample Compartment Accepts 10 x 10 x 45 mm square plastic cuvettes,
optional 50—200 µL
Readout Direct concentration.
Calibration Single-point calibration.
Discrete Sample Averaging Sample readings are averaged to improve accuracy.
Dynamic Range ~ 10e3
Data Output ASCII format through a 9-pin RS-232 serial cable at 9600 baud for PC and MAC
Operating Temperature 59—98 °F; 15—35 °C.
Weight 0.7 kg (1.8 lb).
Dimensions: 14 cm W x 18.42 cm D x 6.9 cm H (5.5" W x 7.25" D x 2.7" H).
Power: 9 Volt external power supply (UL approved), 100—240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, max. 5 Watts.
Warranty One-year warranty.
Approvals CE.
Printer Serial Printer (optional).
Applicable Fluorescent Reporters
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DQ300 UV & Blue Channel
Internal data logging
Solid Standard



DQ310 Minicell adaptor kit for 50-250 ul samples $680.00
DQ315 Minicell Borosilicate glass cuvettes - 400  $395.00
DQ305 10 x 10 mm polystyrene cuvette 3.5 ml - 100 per pack $135.00
DQ306 10 x 10 mm methacrylate cuvette 3.5 ml - 100 per pack $90.00

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