Hand Held Refractometers

Digital Brake-Chek Fahrenheit Or Celsius $305.00
Check boiling point and water content of brake fluids for optimal braking power. Over time, brake fluids will take on water, break down, and compromise the safety of the brake system. The Reichert Digital Brake-Chek® tests brake fluid in seconds—right at the calipers for the most precise measurement of brake fluid integrity. Available in Fahreneheit or Celsius reading.
Model No. RC13940016(Farenheit)
RC13940017 (Celsius)
Scales DOT3 DOT3 HT (High Temperature) DOT4 DOT4 Plus
Scale range : DOT3 - 250°F - 500°F
DOT3 HT 250°F - 575°F
DOT4 257°F - 527°F
DOT4 Plus - 302°F - 527°F
Automatic Temperature Compensation 68°F
Calibration Distilled Water
Size: 2.13 x 1.06 x 3.9 inches
Digital Multi-Chek Fahrenheit Or Celsius $305.00
One accurate tester performs three critical tests. Test coolant, battery and windshield fluids. Why take chances? For precise reading of coolant concentration, hydrometers just don't measure up. The Digital Multi-Chek accurately and effectively tests coolant - both ethylene and propylene glycol - as well as battery charge and windshield fluid.
Model No. RC13940014(Farenheit)
RC 13940015(Celsius)
Scales EG = Freeze point, ethylene glycol antifreeze
PG = Freeze point, propylene glycol antifreeze
SG = Specific gravity, battery acid
WW = Freeze point, windshield washer solution
Reading Ranges EG - 32°F thru -70°F, Accuracy +/- 0.5°F
PG - 32°F thru -60°F, Accuracy +/- 0.5°F
Battery - 1.000 - 1.463 SG, Accuracy +/- 0.003 SG
Windshield Washer - 32°F thru -65°F, Accuracy +/- 2°F
Automatic Temp. Compensation


Size 2.13 x 1.06 x 3.9 inches
Digital Eythylene Glycol (EG) EG-Chek $305.00

3 measurement scales: Ethylene Glycol (EG) Freeze Point / Ethylene Glycol (EG) Boiling Point / Ethylene Glycol (EG) % Concentration

Model No. RC13940024(Farenheit)
RC 13940025(Celsius)
Scales EG = Freeze point, ethylene glycol antifreeze
EG = Boiing point, ethylene glycol antifreeze
EG = Concentration, ethylene glycol
Reading Ranges

EG Freeze- 32°F thru -70°F, Accuracy +/- 1.0°F
EG Freeze- 0°C thru -57°C, Accuracy +/- 0.6°C
EG Boil - 242°F thru -356°F, Accuracy +/- 1.0°F
EG Boil - 170°C thru -180°C, Accuracy +/- 0.6°C
EG Concentration 0-95% Accuracy 0.2%

Automatic Temp. Compensation


Size 2.13 x 1.06 x 3.9 inches
Ethylene Glycol Tester
Digital Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)-Chek $305
Digital instrument for testing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Maintain optimal SCR performance and keep rolling at 32.5% concentration, 100% of the time. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems for diesel automobiles, trucks, buses, and off road equipment require pure Diesel Exhaust Fluid at an exact concentration of 32.5% urea in deionized water. This fluid is known as DEF, AdBlue, ARLA, and AUS 32. Any other concentration compromises the SCR system, which fails the regulatory requirements of governmental agencies such as the the EPA, European Commission, and MLIT. The DEF-Chek® digital instrument accurately measures DEF for the right urea content detecting whether the fluid will do its job in the exhaust system. The world's smallest scientific DEF testing device offers quick, automatic digital measurements in seconds and provides over 10,000+ measurements on two AAA batteries.
Model RC13940013
Scale DEF/AdBlue/ARLA/AUS32 - Diesel Exhaust Fluid, % urea in deionized water

0.0 to 50.0%

Accuracy +/-0.13%
Size 54 x 27 x 100 mm/2.13 x 1.06 x 3.9 inches

Optical Rhino Duo-Chek Fahrenheit/Celsius $155.00

Test engine coolant and battery fluid with one instrument The Rhino Duo-Chek® engine coolant and battery test refractometer offers an accurate, fast and easy-to-use method for testing engine coolant freeze point, glycol concentration, and battery charge condition. Automatic temperature compensation provides immediate, accurate direct readings of ethylene glycol, environmentally safe propylene glycol, and battery electrolyte with only a few sample drops.

-Freeze point of ethylene glycol coolant
-% Concentration of ethylene glycol coolant
-Freeze point of propylene glycol coolant
-% Concentration of propylene glycol coolant
-Battery electrolyte specific gravity
-Battery electrolyte charge level

-Improved optics - easy-to-read
-Automatic temperature compensated - accurate measurements at any temperature
-No batteries required - reliable any time
-Black polycarbonate housing - durable and built to last
-Water resistant and dust proof - sealed internal optics cannot be contaminated
-Shock resistant - drop tested from 3 feet
-Six measurement scales included - versatile all-in-one tool
-Meets ASTM standards - highest confidence in the measurement is guaranteed
-Affordable - real value for any budget

Model DC70 (137584L0) DC60 (137564L0)
Specific Gravity 1.100-1.400 1.100-1.400
Scale Division 0.01 0.01
Antifreeze Protection
Ethylene Glycol +32° to -60°F 0° to -48°C
Propylene Glycol +32° to -60°F 0° to -48°C
Scale Division 5°F 3°C
Coolant Concentration Scale
Ethylene Glycol 0-70% 0-70%
Propylene Glycol 0-63% 0-61%
Refractive Index Range 1.3330-1.4048 1.3330-1.4048
Calibration Liquid Distilled Water Distilled Water
¹Accuracy ±1.0°F ±0.55°C

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