Universal Polarimeter

The S+H Universal Polarimeter is an easy to use general purpose half shadow polarimeter suitable for chemists, students and routine laboratory tasks.
Universal half shadow polarimeter

Features of the UP1 Universal Polarimeter

  • Large Measuring Range +/- 180 degrees.
  • General purpose instrument for laboratory use.
  • Easy to use with large diameter vernier scale.
  • Optional lamps and filters for different wavelengths.
  • Simple, robust and economical.

Introduction to UP1 Polarimeter
The UP is a half shadow polarimeter. It has a circular scale of +/- 180 degrees marked in 1 degree increments together with a vernier scale giving accuracy of 0.1 degrees or even 0.05 degrees for a practiced operator. The analyzer is adjusted by rotating the vernier scale and comparing the half shadows from the polarizer and analyzer. The vernier scale has large diameter which makes it easy to make small adjustment in angle to obtain an accurate reading. The scale, polarizer and analyzer are tilted to make the viewing position comfortable for the operator.

There are three possible lighting units:

  • The LED unit is a very long lasting illumination unit (life time approx. 50.000 hours).
  • The halogen lamp is less expensive and has a longer life time than spectral lamp. LED as well as are ready for use immediately upon switching on.
  • The spectral lamp unit is recommended for higher absolute accuracy
polarimeter tube in position
Lamp power supply

Principle of Operation
Polarizing filters are used for the polarizer and analyzer. The polarizer is fitted with a thin two piece quartz disc which produces a divided field of view, the half shadow angle of which is depended on the light source being used. With a sodium lamp ( wavelength 589 nm ) it is 8 degs. and with mercury lamp ( wavelength 546 nm) it is 9.5 degs. The UP1 can be used with a halogen lamp and interference filter to define the wavelength or with a spectral lamp ( sodium, mercury etc. )


Specification of UP1 Universal Polarimeter

Measurement Range +/- 180 degrees
Accuracy 0.1 degree
Polarizer - filter with quartz half disc
Half shadow angle 589 nm 589 nm /8 degrees, 546 nm / 9.5 degrees
Light sources LED ( long lasting)
" Sodium Spectral lamp (higher absolute accuracy)
Measurement tubes Glass tubes with bubble trap or funnel, max.   length 200 mm
Dimensions 400 x 110 x 55 mm (h x w x d)
Cabinet construction Stainless steel 385 x 178 x 178 mm
Power requirements 110 V or 230 V AC


Ordering Information for Universal Polarimeters
VISPOL589 LED, interference filter, 589nm, 220V
VISPOL589 LED, interference filter, 589nm, 110V
VISPOL546 LED, interference filter, 546nm, 220V
VISPOL589 Sodium spectral lamp 589nm 220V
VISPOL589 Sodium spectral lamp 589nm 110V


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