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Manual Polarimeter 589 nm

Features of the Polax semi automatic polarimeter

  • Inexpensive - manual operation - digital readout
  • Easy to use - electrically driven analyzer
  • Includes temperature sensor in the sample compartment
  • Use standard 100mm and 200 mm polarimeter tubes


The Polar 2L is a manually operated polarimeter with digital readout of rotation in angular degrees or in sugar degrees Z (international sugar scale). The instrument is operated electrically by switches which rotate the analyzer slowly to the left or right while the operater observes the shadow through the monocular eyepiece. When the operator has determined the null point the rotation is displayed on the digital display. There is a temperature sensor in the sample compartment so that the temperature can also be measured and displayed on the readout. The instrument is ideal for educational applications and for routine laboratory uses in sugar, food, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories.
Specifications Polax semi automatic polarimeter
Measuring Range Rotation + 180 degrees to - 179.95 degrees
Sugar Scale +130 degs Z to -130 degs Z
Minimum unit displayed 0.05 degs
measurement accuracy angle of rotation  +/- 0.1 degree
Temperature range +5 to + 40 C
Light source LED with interference filter
Wavelengths /filters 589 nm
Measuring tubes 100mm and 200 mm
Display Digital readout of rotation
Dimensions 433x220x300 mm
Weight ~11.5 Kg
Power AC 100 - 240 V


Ordering information Polar 2 polarimeter
Model Part No. Price US$
Polax 2 polarimeter complete with 100 and 200 mm tubes and instructions. ATO 5223 $4850.00


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