Automatic Full Circle Polarimeter - Polartronic Series

Features of Polartronic Series

  • Automatic, digital, circular Polarimeter
  • 21 CFR part 11 ready (software optional)
  • Continuous measurement for time resolved studies.
  • High Speed, High resolution
  • Stand alone instrument / printer connection / networking capabilities
  • User programmable display
    (individually for each of the 4 methods)
  • Displays the optical density of the sample
  • Automatic multiple measurement with statistical evaluation
  • Automatic sample ID generation configurable
  • Measurement of the variation of polarisation due to reaction kinetics programmable
  • Optional touch screen interface
  • Optional ethernet connectivity

Polartronic N & M series Full Circle Polarimeters

The N and M series are the latest versions of a long and celebrated line of Polartronics from Schmidt and Haensch. Famous for their speed, accuracy and reliablity, the new Polartronics incorporate the latest in digital electronics and data processing. These instruments are industrial strength designed for determine the optical activity of a solution by means of a rotating analyzer linked to an optical encoder. They include the Schmidt and Haensch patented direct linking of the polarizing analyzer to the optical position encoder, ensuring constant resolution throughout the range, high accuracy and touch screen option repeatability. Also these polarimeters are up to 5 times faster than competitive instruments. The Polartronics are automatic full circle polarimeters designed for continuous measurement operation. It is never necessary to return to a start or zero position in order to initiate a new measurement.  The N&M series work with standard and specialized Polarimeter tubes for continuous flow, temperature measurement, micro-tubes for precious samples. There are several models to choose from suitable for routine lab work, and saccharimetry. These instruments are ideal for production quality control and research because of their outstanding specification and robust construction

The software implements amongst other features the input of sample identification numbers, statistic evaluations of multiple measurements and user definable printouts individually configurable for each of the 4 available methods. The N and M series are available as single or double wavelenth (including IR) configurations. A touch screen option offers an enhanced graphical display and data management features.

All models conform with the regulations of the European and American Pharmacopoeias as well as to the GLP/GMP standards.

Temperature measurement of samples is very important to ensure precise and stable measuring results. The Polartronic-series displays the actual sample temperature and compensates automatically the temperature deviation compared to the standard temperature when polarimetric tubes or quartz control plates with a temperature sensor are used. The scale value (e.g. °Z, °S …) is displayed corrected to the standard temperature.

The polarimeters are equipped with plug in connectors for the temperature sensor of the temperature contolled polarimeter tubepolarimetric tubes. If polarimeter tubes or quartz control plates with integrated temperature sensor are used the current sample or quartz temperature is indicated at the display.

Flow through sample system continuous or pour with integrated temperature sensor.-->


The measuring compartment can accept a wide range of standard and specialized polarimeter tube including micro tubes, pour-through and continous flow tubes, temperature measurement and temperature controlled tubes. Standard tubes come in lengths of 50mm,100mm and 200mm with filler cups, bubble traps or plain straight tubes.

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The Polartronic series full circle polarimeters are suitable for concentration and purity analysis in many industrial and scientific applications including:

Food Industry

Sugar, starch, milk and dairy products, wine, juice, food auxiliary means, amino acids

Pharmaceutical Industry

Enantiomers, chiral substances like soaps, amino acids, organic substances, glucose, fructose, purity control (codeine, cocaine, nicotines, morphine sulfate), ascorbic acid, menthol, camphor, drug recognition


Purity of essential oils and odiferous agents

Chemical Industry

Analysis of optically active substances and structural analyses, inorganic ions in conjunction with optically active substances (e.g. - Bi, - Cd, - Cu, - Fe, - Hg), regulation of materials in solutions, organic substances, turpentine’s, Benzene, acids, esters etc.


Chiral metabolic compounds like sugar and albumin content in urine, hormones, poison analyses, testosterones, enzymes and toxicology

Specifications - Polartronic N and M series

Model N Series M series
Scales optical rotation, international sugar scale, concentration, user defined
Measuring Range ±360* / ± 259* Z
Speed ≤ 4 sec. for measuring time of standard solutions over the entire measuring range
Repeatability ± 0.01° / ± 0.05°Z ± 0.005 / ± 0.02°Z
Resolution ±0.01* / ±0.05* Z ±0.001* / ±0.01*Z
Precision ± 0.01* / 0.05* Z ± 0.005* / 0.02* Z
0 - 99°C  
Temperature precision ± 0.03°C automatic temperature compensation
Wavelength 589 nm (others on request) one wavelength fixed, suitable for micro tubes, automatic calibration routine implemented 405 and 589nm two wavelengths fixed, suitable for micro tubes, automatic calibration routine implimented
Interface 1 parallel, 1 PS2, 2 serial RS232, USB (option)
Measuring Tubes up to 200mm length, all types
Display Graphics-LCD 16 x 16 characters / alpha numerical keyboard
Light Source LED
Dimensions / weight 733 x 160 x 365 mm (L x H x W) / approx. 28 kg
Compliance European and American Pharmacopeia, GLP/GMP conform documentation and printout,
21 CFR Part 11 ready, optional PC software “Aquisys 2008“ available

Ordering Information

Polartronic N100 - 589 single wavelength SH 05400
Polartronic N101 - 882 nm SH 10680
PolartroniC N202 - 589+882 dual wavelength SH 10690
Polartronic N100-Touch Screen 589 single wavelength SH 11662
Polartronic N101-Touch Screen single wavelength 882 nm SH 11663
Polartronic N202-Touch Screen 589+882 dual wavelength SH 11664
Polartronic M100 - 589 single wavelength SH 09140
Polartronic M101 - 882 nm SH 09520
Polartronic M202 - 589+882 dual wavelength SH 05370
Polartronic M100-Touch Screen 589 single wavelength SH 11659
Polartronic M101-Touch Screen single wavelength 882 nm SH 11660
Polartronic M202-Touch Screen 589+882 dual wavelength SH 11661

All models includes 100 mm tube with filler cap, tool kit and instructions.
Other wavelengths available on request

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