Polartronic H532, 0.0002 degree
High Resolution Automatic Polarimeter

High resolution polarimeter with up to 5 wavelengths. Combines high precision opto-mechanics spectral emmission sources and advanced firmware and software into a top of the line polarimeter

The Polartronic 532 is very fast and very accurate. With its 0.0002 degree resolution it is designed for demanding application in pharmaceutical and similar research. The Aquisys software in CFR Part 11 compliant.


Scales Optical Rotation, Sugar scale, specific concentration, %, custom scale
Measuring range ±360 °
Resolution 0.0001° /0.01°Z
Precision ±0.002° in the range ±10° / ±0.005° outside this range
  ±0.0003° in the range ±1°
Repeatability 0.001° /0.01°Z
Temperature accuracy ±0.03 °C automatic temperature compensation
Measuring time ‹4 sec over the whole range for standard solutions
Sensitivity up to OD 4.0
Calibration not required uses spectral sources
Light sources Spectral emission lamps
Wavelengths up to 5 fixed wavelengths from 365, 405, 435, 546, 578, 589 nm
Polarimeter tubes 10, 50, 100, 200 mm length and Micro Tubes
Display Graphic LCD
Interfaces 2 x RS232, 1 x parallel, 1x PS2, 1x USB
Power Supply Universal 90 - 265 VAC
Dimensions / weight 735 x 175 x 425 mm (LxWxH) 28 kg
Polartronic 532 key features
  • Automatic, digital, circular Polarimeter
  • Same precision over entire measuring range ±0,002 °
  • 0,0002° resolution
  • Up to 5 wavelengths
  • Sodium and Mercury spectral lamp — very narrow band of the specified wave lengths
  • Selectable apertures for standard cells and micro cells
  • Continuous measurement
  • 4 independent methods and up to 10 special scales configurable
  • Stand alone instrument / printer connection / networking capabilities
  • user programmable display (individually for each of the 4 methods)
  • Displays the optical density of the sample
  • Automatic multiple measurement with statistical evaluation
  • Automatic sample ID generation configurable
  • Measurement of the variation of polarisation due to reaction kinetics, programmable
  • Calibration possibility for the temperature sensors
  • User defined printout
  • Remote operation from PC possible
  • GLP/GMP conform documentation and printout
  • CFR 21 Part 11 ready, optional PC software “Aquisys 2008” available
  • IQ/OQ/PQ documentation in the standard delivery included
  • Latest technology of the optical and electronic components
CFR Part 11 Compliant
Aquisys 2008 software is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with Polartronic532
• The integrated, though independent program “VALIDATE”
checks the integrity of Aquisys before every run.
• Remote operation
• Audit trail function (history logging)
• Report generation
• Electronic signature which is unmistakably attributed to a person
• Encrypted electronic data storage and archiving
• User management with individually configurable access rights for every user
• The system is able to generate accurate and complete
paper prints of the electronic records
• Logging of electronic recordings and modifications
including user information as well as date and time stamp
• Explicit identification of the connected measuring instruments
CFR compliant
The Polartronic series circle polarimeters are suitable for concentration and purity analysis in many industrial and scientific applications including:
Chiral metabolic compounds like sugar and albumin content in the urine, hormones, poison analyses, testosterones, enzymes and toxicology
Pharmaceutical Industry
Enantiomers,chiral substances like soaps, amino acids, organic substances, glucose, fructose, purity control of (codeine, cocaine, nicotines, morphine sulfate), ascorbic acid, menthol, camphor, drug recognition, HPLC
Chemical Research
Analysis of optically active substances and structural analyses, inorganic ions in conjunction with optically active substances (e.g. - Bi, - Cd, - Cu, - Fe, - Hg), regulation of materials in solutions, organic substances, turpentine’s, Benzene, acids, esters etc.

Ordering Information (Call for pricing)

Model Part Number Description
H132 09900 Equipped with one of the above mentioned standard wavelengths (others on request)
H232 09970 Equipped with two standard wavelengths (others on request)
H332 09980 Equipped with three standard wavelengths (others on request)
H432 09990 Equipped with four standard wavelengths (others on request)
H532 06800 Equipped with five standard wavelengths (others on request)
TQCP Ask about Triple Quartz Control Plates, chemically resistant tubes, and self-sealing coupling tubes for safe connection/disconnection of water circulators.

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