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Polarography - Voltammetry System with PC support
Features of the GAT 4000 polargraphic/voltammetric System
  • Compact portable easy to use system
  • High accuracy and short analysis time
  • Performs all typical voltametric and polargraphic analysis
  • Very low Hg consumption
  • Complete methods handbook included
  • Includes software for operation with a PC

Introduction GAT 4000 is an easy to use, computer operated electrochemical system for polarography, voltammetry and Amperometry. The unit is polarography voltammetryvery compact and can easily be used in the field in conjuction with a laptop PC.

  • DC Polarography
  • DC Stripping Voltammetry
  • Adsorptive Stripping Voltammetry
  • Differential Pulse Polarography
  • Cyclic Voltammetry
The sensitivity of the instrument is comparable with AAS and in many cases it is even better.
Zn Cd Pb Cu
The example above shows the simultaneous determination of Zn , Cd, Pb and Cu using standard addition
  • Determination of trace elements Pb, Cd, Cu, Fe, Ni, Co, Al, Cr, Hg ....
  • Determination of nitrate, nitrite, chloride, iodiide, cyanide, oxygen .....
  • Determination of numerous organic and toxic materials - surfactants, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, nitro compounds, halogenous compounds ....
  • Tribodiagnostics of oils and lubricants
field polarographyThe GAT 4000 polarography / voltammetry system is suitable for use in the laboratory or on site in many fields of application including: water analysis of natural, waste and fresh water; food and beverage, sanitation, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and plating industries, medicine, biology, geology and tribometry. The instrumentation is supplied with a comprehensive manual of analytical methods.

A selection of electrodes are available to meet the needs of your application including special applications electrodes:

  • Gold Electrodes for the determination of mercury, and arsenic and for the use of an Hg film
  • HMDE Hanging mercury drop electrode with a minimum of < 1.5 mL/ year of Hg consumption.
  • Glassy carbon electrode for the use of Hg film ( MFE ).
Detection Limits in the ultra trace range
Al 3 ppb Cu 0.05 ppb Pb 0.05 ppb Zn 0.05 ppb As 0.1 ppb Fe3+ 0.03 ppm Cl 1 ppb
Ag 1 ppb Hg 0.03 ppb Mo 0.05 ppb As3+ 0.1 ppb Mn 0.5 ppb NO3- 0.05 ppm PO42- 20 ppm
Cd 0.05 ppb Cr4+ 0.01 ppb Pd 0.01 ppb Co 0.01 ppb Fe 0.03 ppm NO2- 0.01 ppm SO42- 20 ppb
Cr 0.01 ppb Ni 0.01 ppb Se 1 ppb Ti 0.05 ppb Be 0.1 ppb NH4+ 60 ppm S2- 0.01 ppm
Ordering Information
Model Description Part No Price USD
GAT TEA 4000 MP System with PC interface card and software.
Glassy carbon electrode
Measuring Cell
Electro magnetic valve
Ref Ag/AgCl electrode
Pt electrode
Polishing kit
Windows control and reduction software
4000MP call
Upgrade HMDE 4000HMDE & hammer
Gold electrode 4000GE
Platinum electrode 4000PE
HMDE ( hanging mercury drop electrode ) 4000HMDE
Hammer 4000H
Glassy carbon electrode 4000GCE
Electro magnetic valve 4000EMV
Reference Ag/AgCl electrode 4000AG
Application guide 4000APP

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