6320D and 6305 UV/Visible Range Spectrophotometers

--The Jenway 6320D and 6305 are high quality, low cost measurement systems for routine analysis in QC applications, education and training. Simple operating procedures ensure quick and reliable operation even by inexperienced users. The specially designed LCD and easy to use keypad provide access to an extensive range of functions; press the up or down arrow keys to see the displayed wavelength increase or decrease, use the right or left arrow keys to select Absorbance, %T or Concentration readout from the simple menu bar. Using the 63-Zero PC software, you can take measurements remotely, enhancing the features of the instrument by the capabilities of your computer. Results can be exported to Excel, word processing, PowerPoint and many other software packages for reporting and presentation purposes.

Calibrate your concentration measurement to a known standard by adjusting the displayed factor. A unit of measurement can be selected to display and print alongside your results to ensure clear and efficient reporting. Both instruments help increase productivity by automatically returning to the last used settings when the unit is switched back on. The light source for the Model 63200 Visible Spectrophotometer is a pre-aligned long life tungsten halogen lamp. The pulsed Xenon lamp, used in the Model 6305, provides many years of operation under normal conditions and gives superior energy levels compared to traditional UV light sources.

The large sample compartment enables a wide range of optional sampling devices to be fitted. It can accommodate cuvettes from 10mm to 100mm in path length with universal cell holder, a four position rotary cuvette holder and test tube holders. An electrically heated cuvette holder and control unit is available as well as a water heated cuvette holder and a thermostated water circulator. The external, programmable sipper pump allows for quick and safe sample handling. This innovative laboratory instrument is priced to fit any laboratory budget.

  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Absorbance, %T, and Concentration modes
  • Multi-parameter display with wavelength readout
  • Two Models: 6320D (320-1000 nm), 6305 ( 190-1000 nm)
  • Ideal for education
  • Wide range of sampling accessories
  • Domed lid with combined 10x10mm cuvette & 12.5-13 mm (nominal 12.7mm) diameter test tube holder(6320D)
  • 25 Pin RS232 Port
  • 63-Zero PC software
  • Low cost
  • Small, space saving design
  • Xenon Rash Lamp - extends lamp life and reduces maintainance costs
  • 3 year warranty
Wavelength range 320-1000nm (6320D)
  198-1000nm (6305)
Wavelength resolution 1nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±2nm
Bandwidth 8nm(6320D); 6nm(6305)
Absorbance Range -0.3000 to 1.999A
Absorbance Resolution 0.001A
Transmittance Range 0 to 199.9%
Transmittance Resolution 0.1%
Transmittance Photometric Accuracy ±1%
Concentration Range -3 to 1999 Conc
Concentration Resolution 0.1-1
Concentration Units ppm. mg/l, g/l, M, %
Light Source Tungsten Halogen
Outputs RS232/ Analog
Software 63-Zero PC Software
Dimensions (in. w x d x h) 10.3 x 7.6 x 4.5
Weight 13 lbs

Ordering Information
632 501 6320D Visible Range with dual 10x10 cuvette & 12.7mm test tube holder, 230V $1875.00
632 521 6320D Visible Range with dual 10x10 cuvette & 12.7mm test tube holder, 110V $1875.00
635 001 6305 UV-Vis range with 10x10 cuvette holder, 230V $3800.00
635 031 6305 UV-Vis range with 10x10 cuvette holder, 110V $3800.00
632 001 Sipper System (230V) $1380.00
632 031 Sipper System (110V) $1380.00
630 005 Universal Cell holder (10 x 100mm) $200.00
634 001 4 position cell holder $730.00
630 020 Test tube holder (13mm diamter) $230.00
630 021 Test tube holder (25mm diameter) $230.00
630 022 Test tube holder (16mm diameter) $230.00
648 001 Water heated single cell block $480.00

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