Residual Oxygen Analyzer for Welding and Glove Boxes

  • Accurate reliable zirconium oxide sensor
  • Interface to control systems
  • Bi directional RS232 interface
  • Password protected setup
  • Bluetooth interface (optional)
  • Adjustable alarms with beeper
  • For inert and mixed gas systems
  • Color LCD Graphic Display
  • Touch screen operation
  • Built in SD card


The Oxy 3 is a residual oxygen analyzer for monitoring the oxygen in welding backing gas, glove boxes and similar applications. The instrument uses a zirconium oxide sensor to provide accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements of oxygen in inert gases such as nitrogen argon or helium. The instrument can also be use for forming gases containing up to 10 % Hydrogen.

The Oxy3 includes a comprehensive digital interface orginally designed to work with the Orbitec range of orbital welding machines. The bidirectional RS232 can be programmed to provide control signals to other automation systems or as a data recording system for quality control. There is also a built in SD card and an optional bluetooth interface.


The instrument sample the gas by means of a sample line and built in pump. The current oxygen concentration is continously displayed in bold characters on the LCD display. Alarms thresholds can be set via the touch screen and these will be announced on the display in color and by a beeper.


Models OT-Oxy3
Measuring Range 0ppm - 21% O2
Ambient Temperture 0 to 45° Celsius
Accuracy 2%
Warm up time 30 seconds
Stabilisation time

10 mins

Response time 2 sec
Dimensions 190 x 279 x 55 mm
Line Voltage 90 - 230 VAC
Power 40 VA during warm up
20 VA quiescent
Interface bi directional RS232
Blue tooth
Outputs Digital RS232
Analog - 0-5Volts
Warranty 1 year


Ordering Information

Model Description  
OT-OXY3 Oxygen analzyer complete with 3m sample hose, inlet filter, calibration certicate and instructions $6900.00

Calibration and repair service available.
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