basic manual polarimeter

Technical Data:
Measuring range 2 semi-circles (0-180º)
Glass tubes 100 and 200 mm
Scale division
Reading precision 0.05º (interpreting between divisions on the vernier)
Light source LED
Includes Polarimeter tubes 100 and 200 mm, Instructions
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The P1000-LED polarimeter is a simple and robust device for basic applications in the lab and for training. It operates according to the half-shade principle and the reading takes place via an eye-piece and vernier scales. The P1000-LED features a high-quality metal stand and a sample chamber for tubes of up to 220 mm length. The life of the LED is estimated to last around 500 times longer than traditional sodium vapour lamps. It is equipped with a swivel-mounted cover, polarizer and analyzer and the delivery includes accessories.

Range of applications:
    Pharmaceutical industry
  • Monitoring chemical processes
  • Purity control and determination of concentrations
  • Examination of substances listed in the German Pharmacopoeia

  • Chemical industry
  • Purity control and determination of concentrations
  • Analysis of optically active components (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Determination of changes in the configuration
  • Monitoring chemical processes

  • Sugar industry
  • Quality control of original and end product
  • Determination of fructose and glucose

  • Food industry
  • Determination of concentration
  • Purity control
  • Quality control

Ordering information for P1000 manual polarimeter
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P1000LED   $1435.00

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