Isoelectric Focusing - IEF-SYS


The new Scie-plas IEF system has been designed to allow a wide
range of flat bed electrophoresis applications up to
1500V to be run. The unit operates in any one of three modes:

• Wick based electrophoresis
• Precast horizontal gels
• Iso Electric Focussing


Features of the IEF-SYS:
• Large cooled Ceramic Top plate. Provides uniform cooling of the gel platform.
• Two sets of electrodes:
  o Tank mounted. These are used for running “wick gels” using the lower buffer chambers.
  o Detachable. Clip onto one of two frames for either IEF or horizontal precast gels running.
• Top frame options
Both with variable electrode spacing systems:
  o Hollow frame. For IEF where the strips are placed directly onto the ceramic plate.
  o Glass bottomed frame. For precast horizontal gels
• Buffer drainage ports. The inbuilt shut-off valve is opened when the drainage tube is connected to empty the buffer chamber.

Ceramic Cooling Block:
• 27 x 27cm. Allows for all sizes of formats to be run.
• Ceramic. Ensures even heat dissipation during operation.
• Sealed. Filled with Hexid cooling fluid (-15°c - +90°c) for efficient cooling of the plate.
• Removable. For easy cleaning of both the tank and cooling block.
• Integral Cooling coil. Allows for either a recirculating chiller or for a water connection to chill the ceramic plate to the desired
• Auto shut off valves. Ensure that when the cooling source is disconnected there is neither leakage from the coil or tubing.
• Printed Grid. Permits migration rates to be measured.
Isoelectric focusing
This modular design is suitable for almost all flatbed electrophoresis techniques The large 270 mm x 270 mm cooling plate permits the running of virtually all pre-cast and self cast gels. The removable cooling plate has a specially designed ceramic surface, which provides homogeneous thermostatting over it's entire surface. This provides even heat distribution, which is particularly important when using ultra-thin IEF gels at high voltages. Gels can be electrophoritic at temperatures as lows as 4 degs C.

Markings on the ceramic plate show the position of the electrodes when using the most popular sizes of commercially available pre-cast gels. The markings also coincide with the markings on the electrode stand which permits the alignment of the electrodes before lowering them onto the gel. The coded grid permits accurate measurement of the migration.

Specifications Isoelectric focusing
Unit Dimensions  
Width 460 mm
Depth tank only 340 mm
Depth including cooling connectors 430 mm
Height 115 mm
Cooling plate size 270 x 270 mm
Buffer volume per lower chamber 275 ml
Weight 9.6 kg
Ordering information Isoelectric focusing
Part No   Price
IEF-SYS Complete unit includes running tank, cooling plate, glass electrode frame and electrodes on sale $1599.00
IEF-CP Cooling plate with integral coils $365.00
IEF-GF Glass electrode frame $315.00
IEF-EF Electrode frame. $265.00 
IEF-CE Cathode electrode $210.00
IEF-AE Anode electrode $210.00
TCS-CC Quick fit tubing for cooling coil pack 2  $79.00
CS EV232 Power supply $1399.00
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$100 saving

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