iPR HR 2: High Resolution
Process Refractometer

Schmidt + Haensch Process Refractometer

The HR2 has been specially designed to meet the particular requirements for higher accuracy in applications like pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals.

The IPR measuring heads can be integrated into a control system with various other process sensors (eg O2, CO2, pH, conductivity temperature ).

The IPR functions as an independent transmitter. It can be used to pass data to PLC (logic controller) or data logger. It can directly provide remote control of pumps, valves and alarms using its limit switch function or analog output.

The instruments are enclosed in a stainless steel housing for protection and to comply with the regulations in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The synthetic sapphire or YAG prism is both mechanically stable and chemically inert to acids, sludge and solvents. The IPR mesuring head can be installed in pipes, reactors, vessels, mixing tanks, kettles, boiling pans and evaporators, using different weld-in flanges. The standard sealing material is Viton but special sealing (gasket) materials, such as Kalrez, are also available on request. Other housing materials can also be supplied such as Hastalloy.

To avoid contact with highly concentrated acids or corrosive substances with stainless steel surface, special PTFE In-Line housings for the iPR are available. The preferred process connection is the VariVent In-Line housing. The VariVent connection will handle pressure up to 10 bar* and is hygienic while minimizing dead space.

For processes, where the substances cause fouling on the prism surface, a cleaning device using water, steam or solvent is available. For processes where such additions are not desireable or allowed, there is also an ultra sonic cleaning device available. CIP (Cleaning In Place) procedure are also possible with pigging as the prism surface can be mounted flush with the pipe wall.

The iPR is also available in an intrinsically safe version (ATEX class ib II A T4).


  • Inline, real-time refractive index, Brix or concentration measurement to monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids in solutions, or liquids in process.
  • High Resolution: 0.000005 RI / 0.002 Brix.
  • Stainless steel measuring head featuring a sapphire or YAG prism, CIP capability (pipe pigs usable)
  • Continuous measurement and real-time process control with analog and digital outputs, limit comparators and internal diagnostics.
  • Programmable scales, Brix scale temperature corrected.
  • Illuminated LCD display.

Suitable for many applications in the food and sugar industry as well as chemical and effluent monitoring systems:
  • Determination of mixing ratio
  • Quality and concentration control of dissolved solids
  • Interface detection (product change)
  • Concentration and pollution of cutting oils and lubricants
  • Concentration and pollution of detergents

Mounting accessories:
VariVent (Tuchenhagen or costumer specified (CIP and pipe pig use)
Cleaning device for prism, paperless data recorder, Universal Controller
Process Refractometer Specifications
Model iPR Hr 2
Measuring Range index 1.332000 - 1.372000 RI / 0 - 25 Brix

± 0.00004 RI / ± 0.02 Brix
± 0.01 Brix (in the range 0-2 Brix)

Resolution 0.000005 RI / 0.002 Brix
Process Temp. 150* C (with water cooling installed)
Pressure Max. 1 Mpa (145 psi, 10 bar)
Process Contact Material Sapphire or YAG, Stainless steel, optional: Teflon
Interfaces 2 insulated 4 - 20 mA analog outputs
2 digital outputs / limit switches
2 serial outputs, alternatively RS232 or RS485
Measuring Scales Brix, 2 scales programmable
Power Supply 24 V DC
Light Source: 589nm LED
Connecting Flanges VariVent, TriClamp, APV or joint for Bypass-headpiece
Cleaning Option Water-, steam- or ultrasonic cleaning
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