iPR Compact 2:
Process Refractometer

A Compact in-line refractometer with very short response time for continuous measurement and real-time process control with one analogue data output. It's characterized by minimized dimension and weight and has an excellent price-performance ratio.

The iPR’s measure the refractive index continuously and determine thereby the concentration of dissolved solids in solution and/or the mixing proportion of binary or quasi binary liquid mixtures and mass percentage. The measurement is independent of turbidity, colour and absorption and is free of signal drifts.


  • Compact stainless steel measuring head with YAG prism and integrated electronic for direct connection to supervisory system or PC
  • Inline, real-time refractive index, Brix or concentration measurement to monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids in solution or liquids in process
  • Fast measurement and short response time
  • Continuous measurement and real-time process control with one analogue output
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
The main feature of the new iPR Compact is it’s minimized dimension and weight. The installation of the process refractometer in pipes or vessels is simple due to the use of standardized flanges. One advantage of the measuring principle is the very fast measurement which allows short response times to control the production process. The reduced response time minimizes waste quote and improves the process performance. Consequently it is a big money saver. Zero setting of the measuring head can be realized very simply by using distilled water or customer samples. Measurement starts immediately after switching on the power supply. The continuous operation is indicated by a green LED. A Red LED lamp indicates “out of measuring or temperature range”. For configuration, the iPR Compact can be connected to PC via a serial interface. Appropriate software as well as the connecting cable are included in the delivery. The data output signal (4 - 20 mA) can be directly connected to the supervisory systems.

Suitable for many applications in the food and sugar industry as well as chemical and effluent monitoring systems:
  • Determination of mixing ratio
  • Quality and concentration control of dissolved solids
  • Interface detection (product change)
  • Concentration and pollution of cutting oils and lubricants
  • Concentration and pollution of detergents

Mounting accessories:
VariVent (Tuchenhagen) or costumer specified (CIP and pipe pig use)
Cleaning device for prism, paperless data recorder Universal Controller
Process Refractometer Specifications
Model iPR Compact 2
Measuring Range index 1.3320-1.4209 RI 0-50 Brix(w/ ATC)
Precision ± 0.0002 RI / ± 0.2 Brix
Resolution 0.0001RI /0.1
Process Temp. - 10°C to +80° C 
Pressure Max. 1 Mpa (145 psi, 10 bar)
Dimensions 150 x ø 65 mm
Weight 1000 g
Data Output RS 232, RS485
Power Supply 24 V DC
Light Source: 589nm LED
Data Output 4-20 mA
PC Connection RRS232 or RS422
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