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 Alpha Moisture Sustems - GCTU Gas collection transfer unit to collect samples of Sulfur Hexafluoride
Fully portable
Powered by rechargeable batteries
20 fill / discharge cycles on internal battery power
10 bar maximum backfill pressure
User friendly operation
Supplied with connectors and high quality hose

--Testing and measuring the dewpoint, or trace moisture in SF6(Sulfur Hexafluoride) commonly requires a hand held instrument, or dewpoint meter. SF6 should not be released into the atmosphere after collection and testing because of its greenhouse gas properties. It is estimated by scientists and environmentalists that the SF6 gas used in insulators of HV and MV breakers, switchgear and other applications is apporximately 23,900 times more damaging than CO2, and if released, can remain in the atmospherefor thousands of years.

--Strict controls, monitoring and even bands exist for some applications to restrict the release of this gas into the atmosphere. SF6 must be viewed as a product to recycle and keep safe. SF6 must be returned to the source or placed in secure storage cylinders without leakage.

--It also must be easy for the end user to apply his or her connections to the unit without complicated procedures and confusing alternatives. The GCTU is designed to recycle the entire SF6 sample back to the HV and MV circuit breakers, switchgear or transformers, and protect the environment by eliminating any discharge to the atmosphere. The new GCTU can be used with field analysis instruments. It offers added features and benefits that include a double self-sealing, single gas collection and transter point; double self-sealing inlet and outlet instruments points; process pressure indicator;bypass purge;same flow regulatorl and approximately 10 minutes of test time running at 2 liters per minute.

Suitcase style ABS transport case, wa-terproof enclosure with carrying han-dles and wheels with retractable handle
Sampling system Swagelok, QC4 (male) self sealing process connector, sample pressure regulator, pressure & flow indicators, Swagelok QC4 (female) self sealing analyzer connectors, bypass purge fa-cility and polymer collection vessel.
Transfer system Discharge pump and discharge pres-sure indicator.
Power Supply 24VDC from internal, rechargeable batteries.
Typical Battery Life 20 fill & discharge cycles
Accessories Mating Swagelok QC4, self-sealing, connectors for process and analyzer connectors. Battery charger.
Dimensions 24.6" x 19.7" x 11.6" (625 x 500 x 297mm)
Weight 55lb (25kg)
Transportation Case: Waterproof with full foam lid seal. IP67 rating. Fully integrated protection system. Manufactured from a unique patterned high performance resin. Hardwearing, comfortable and soft non-slip grip handles side and top. Retractable soft non-slip grip pull along handle and tough quality urethane wheels. Pressure vents for air transportation.

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