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Special Force Gauge Attachments

Small Pin Grips
(22 lbf capacity) Grip small diameter wires, pins, filaments. PC-0.5 (0-0.5mm), PC-1 (0.5-1mm), or PC-2 (1-2.0mm)

Jacob's Chucks
Grip shafts and rods. GC-5 (5mm, 110 lbf capacity) GC-15 (13mm, 220 lbf capacity)
Penetrating Pins
(44 lbf capacity) Check the hardness of clay-like materials, the burst strength of plastic coverings, etc. PG-2 (2mm), PG-3 (3mm), PG-4 (4mm), PG-5 (5mm)
Wire Terminal Grips
Spring loaded 20mm jaws open to 5mm. Secures the wire terminal without gripping the wire jacket for pull tests. WG-1 (220 lbf capacity) WG-2
Fine Point Chucks
(22 lbf capacity) Grip for small wire, components in narrow spaces. FP-50 (0.5mm open)
Roller Cam Grip
Mounted to the gauge, cam action grips wire and elastomers up to 4.5mm RC-20 (50 lbf capacity)
Small Chucks
(35 lbf capacity) Test wire, components, other pull tests. SC-3 (3mm wide) or SC-8 (8mm wide)
Wire Cam Grips
Cam action grips quickly and easily up to 6mm. WG-300 (220 lbf capacity)
Thin Film Grips
(110 lbf capacity) Check the tensile strength of thin film samples up to 2mm thick. FC-20 (20mm wide) FC-40 (40mm wide) FC-70 (70mm wide) FC-100 100mm wide)
Vise Chucks
(220 lbf capacity) Screw tightened vise is ideal for slip-free attachment to base of test stand. GT-30 (38mm wide jaw opens to 39mm)
Cam Grips
(110 lbf and 440 lbf capacity) GR-30 (up to 30mm wide and 2 mm thick, 110 lbf) GR-2000 (50mm wide, 4mm thick, 440 lb)
Flat Chucks
(220 lbf and 1100 lbf capacity) Square serrated face, heavy-duty flat chuck. GC-1001 (10mm open), GC-1021 (20mm open) GC-5000 (30mm open,1100 lbf)
Large Flat Heads
Suitable for general push/crush testing. AA-30 (30mm), AA-40 (40MM), AA-55 (55mm), AA-60 (60mm), AA-100 (100mm)
Wedge Grips
This spring-loaded wedge grip is ideal for tensile measurements of thick materials. KC-20 (110 lbf), KC-1000 (220 lbf) KC-5000 (1100 lbf)
Universal Joints
Flexible coupling connects measuring shaft and attachment. UJ-6 (M6 thd. 220 lbf capacity), UJ-10 (M10 thd. 440 lbf capacity)
Bend Stands
Tests the bend strength of rods, strips, etc. GA-1000N (60mm wide, 220 lbf) GA-5000N (60mm wide, 1100 lbf)
Wire Wrapping Grips
Test strength of wires, filaments, fibers, etc. WC-30 (110 lbf capacity), WC-2000 (440 lbf capacity)
Button Pullers
Unique puller adjusts to grip buttons, etc. BP-6 (6 - 25mm, 30 lbf capacity)
Tape Grips
(110 lbf capacity) Self-tightening "buckle-type" mechanism ensures slip-free operation. TG-30 (30mm wide), TG-50 (50mm wide)
Multi Terminal Grips
Multi terminal grip has 12 wire gauge apertures (up to 8mm) on the turret. Locate and lock the appropriate size. WG-3 (220 lbf capacity)
Peeling Attachments
(110 lbf capacity) Test bonding strength, peel force of laminated materials, etc. PF-1 (for pull), PF-2 (for push)
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